Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What in the heck are we doing in Washington????

Oh... wait, we are in Washington, PA. I forgot! Whew...

Another 325 miles on the odometer today.... started off fine in the sun, and ended up real wet and cold. Is it spring yet? I might be still thinking I am in Florida.

There goes our Gulf Stream Endura, climbing up a mountain again... we had 4 or 5 good climbs today through the Blue Ridge Mountains, keeps our Duramax Diesel working!

We have tied up at the Washington KOA tonight... there are not a lot of campgrounds in this area to start, and some are not open yet. We have stayed at this one numerous times in the past.

Here I am out in the wet, putting up our dish for tonight's big Leaf Game. They are back in Tampa. I have tried not to gloat too much that they are finally in the playoffs this year, after a 9 year absence!

Back on the road tomorrow...

Till tomorrow...




  1. Almost home, should be a heatwave here for you by the weekend.
    Travel safe.

  2. You are right about the lack of campgrounds in the area. WV isn't much better.

  3. You are certainly a die-hard Leafs fan to be putting up a satellite dish in the rain for a hockey game.

  4. The cool weather signals your entry into the northern frontier. Wishing you good weather for the balance of the drive.

  5. I wondered how you got to Washington...I was about to get in the car and go see you guys LOL!!