Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Blue Mountains in Virginia...

On the road at 9:00 this morning... no rain! Lots of sunshine and warm temperatures was all we got!

It is very nice driving through South and North Carolina... lots of trees and green... spring has sprung around here...

We are driving up Highway 77 and for most of the time you have about 20 feet of trees on either side of the highway, so they sure do a good of knocking down the wind. Today we did 275 miles of travel, and I used exactly 29 gallons of diesel fuel to complete that, which gives you 9.5 MPG. That includes pulling our motorcycle trailer that is totally loaded to the gills... so not so bad. Judy uses 1/2 that amount of fuel in the Jeep which attains 20 MPG which is normal for that type of vehicle. So, it works out, that we use about $150.00 a day for fuel, to drive around 300 miles in both our vehicles.

Tonight we are in Hillsville, Virginia. The name is perfect, as we are in the Mountains and lots of hills. Our overall mileage might have been better today, if we did not have to climb a 10 mile mountain just beffore we pulled in to camp for the night.

Yes, spring has sprung...

Once again we have our own pond that is fully stocked with fish... catch and release only.

We are in a full sized RV Resort with a couple hundred sites in the mountains, and 4 water slides! Big ones! Check it out above.

Lots of the sites are in the bush... we are in the open in a nice pull through site. Thankfully, no mishaps on the road today! We managed to hold on to all our pieces.

Kristina reported a beautiful day up in Woodstock today, so her and Gwenny went out for a walk around Town... check out her sunglasses and leggings... right in fashion that girl!

Back on the road tomorrow...

Till tomorrow...



  1. Good grief! Gwenny has grown! What a cutie.

  2. I love seeing signs of spring at various places around the country. Looks like a lovely place to stay. Your granddaughter is adorable!

  3. Looks like your timing coming home is better than ours, the wether is warming up for you, enjoy the rest of the tour and travel safe.

  4. Those are some cool looking sun glasses that Gwenny is sporting in the photo.

    Your trip for home seems to be going well now that all the pieces are hinging on. Continued good luck with the balance of your drive.

  5. Gwenny is looking pretty trendy in those sunglasses.

    Nice looking RV Park. Glad you arrived with all pieces intact.