Monday, April 8, 2013

It is not all fun in the sun you know!

So, for all you people out there that think, wow, all they do is go to the warm areas of of the country, tour around, take pictures, have fun, eat was not the case... There was work to be done!

Our Gulf Stream Endura has a one piece, fibre glass roof, and lately I noticed it was not as bright a white that I would have liked it to be, and so I decided to paint it today!


The picture above shows you the contrast, of the nice gloss white acrylic latex paint that I used. This paint did an excellent job of coverage, and will also protect the fibre glass roof from UV rays.

I stated shortly after 9:30 this morning, and it took over two hours to complete the 36 feet of roof up there....Nice and white now, and I hope will also keep the RV cooler as it has been warm lately. Well over 80 deg. F. today. Good thing I did this in the morning, as you would not have been able to do it in the afternoon, as it gets far to warm.

I received a nice little text video from Shawn up in Ottawa today... it is Emmie outside, learning how to use one of those 2 wheel scooters... she is always a go getter, and I am sure she would have bugged Dad to take her out as soon as he got home from the Hospital! Check out the short Youtube video below...Good for you EMMIE!

Spent this afternoon in my outside man cave, cleaning up my Honda after a bunch of riding lately! Nice and clean now...

Till tomorrow...


  1. You will benefit greatly taking time away from "fun in the sun" and taking care of your roof. Good job!

  2. Always a few things to keep you busy, keep you out of trouble.
    Nice white roof now. Hope that paint does not peel.

  3. Emmi's a pro on a scooter - just like her Grandpa!!

    Good job on the roof of the rig - looks like new again.

  4. All play and no work is simply not going to happen. Nice work on the roof though!

    Emmi does have the scooter worked out. It looks like fun too!