Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cypress Gardens Water Ski Show, and a bit of a surprise!

Last night Judy pulled me screaming out the door after a hard day of motorcycling, to attend the monthly Water Ski Show on Silver Lake in Winter Haven, Cypress Gardens Style.

Well, once I got there, and saw the show... my thoughts on this changed very quickly. It was a great show, that I really enjoyed!

This is how the show started:



This guy, putting it bluntly, was a BLAST! Don't know if you have ever seen this live or not, but it is really neat to watch! He could even go UNDER WATER with it! Very entertaining!

These are the three speedboats above, used in the water ski show! They were very fast and powerful, with big V8 engines in them to get the skiers up and running!

They call Winter Haven the water ski capital of the World. It started back in the 1930's, when Cypress Gardens was open, and they put on Water Ski Shows on the Lake. Their signature move is used in the show today, with the Ladies holding the Cypress Gardens Flags. It is a sight to see. Cypress Gardens was eventually sold, and is now called Lego Land.

I brought my big Olympus Camera so I was able to zoom in on the action last night...


This couple above made it look effortless!

It was a gorgeous night to be out watching this show... weather was perfect!

Another attraction was this para sailer, who got pulled up about 600 feet by one of the power boats, and flew back down to the lake... fun to watch... that is the master of ceremonies to the lower left.

He was flying high!

The entire show was done to great Classical Rock Music that fit just perfert for the event, along with a great Master of Ceremonies who announced the show... very well done, very professional!

Now, as crazy as it may seem, all the guys skiing above, actually landed back on the water, on their skies, and carried on with the show... they were amazing in what they could do, coming off the ramp!

Even the Clown's got involved... but he is missing his skies, and the rope in the hand, so guess where he is going to end up! Your right!


To end the show off, you have to have another Cypress Gardens signature move, the pyramid! What a great show this turned out to be! There was a large turnout of around 500 people to watch this show! Well worth the free admission!

Today was spent on some cleaning of the RV by Judy, and outdoor maintenance of the RV by myself. We had some big rain, so ended up with more dreaded black streaks that had to come off. They are now gone! Also cleaned up our motorcycle trailer today, so it is ready to soon hit the road.

Then came the surprise for the day!

Back 18 months ago, in Desert Hot Springs, we purchased a new Coleman RoadMate Grill. I really enjoyed using this very portable grill. This afternoon, I decided it was time to give it another regular cleaning, and to my surprise, the inside had totally rusted out, and one of the burners and rusted right through... I did not even want to start it again, as I felt it was not safe. Too bad, as it was a great grill!

What to do??? Get another one of course... off to Home Depot we went. Decided on a different route this time around, and bought a new Weber Q 200...



Check out this new bad boy! Real big cooking surface, side trays to hold your drink... fold up stand for portability... what else is there in life??? A lot of blogger's seem to use one of these grills, so thought we would give it a go. We did some steaks tonight and the verdict was 10 out of 10! Real nice to cook on. Looking forward to more!

Best part is, we will be back in Woodstock soon, and all I have to do is invite our Son in Law Chris, with Kristina and Gwenny, out for dinner! He is a Master BBQ'er, and loves to cook, so I do not have control problems over the BBQ! I just get out of his way and enjoy dinner! What do you think Chris?

Till tomorrow...



  1. We can gaurantee you and Judy will LOVE your new Weber !!

    We always bought the cheap ones, and we thought they were okay.

    Until the kids bought me our Weber for Father's Day.

    I never knew what I was missing !!

    Take care ... TnT

  2. I don't mind grilling at all as long as I stay fueled up, beer works for that. See you soon

  3. We had the same idea today but Kathy thinks it's for the apartment. Your right it did work great. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. We don't have the Weber but we sure do love our grill. That water show would have been wonderful to see. Amazing how good they are.

  5. Awesome that you now have a Weber Q. I have had a lot of BBQ's over the years and this one is by far the very best one money can buy.
    As as you probably know it gets a lot of use. Not much that you can't cook on it.

  6. I have seen those water pressure controlled people movers on television. To witness a performance in person would have been a treat.

    The Weber is well made and you have several years of happy grilling.