Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mini Vacation out of nowhere...

This morning we had planned to take a motorcycle trip over to Daytona Beach...we have not made it there yet, and it was on our list of todo's.

It was a beautiful day, and we were on the road by 10:00 a.m. I picked some back roads to get there, as it is much more fun, and always takes longer...

Here is the catch! We pulled in around 2:00 p.m. And drove up the strip. We passed by the Sun Viking Lodge and Judy says, "hey, we should stay the night for old times sake..." Yes, we have been here before...probably about 27 years ago we think...with the kids! This was our favourite Family Vacation spot of them all.

Yes, they have a Viking Ship...

and a Viking! (The place has not changed, only has improved!)

Above is the original building...

then they added this 8 story Tower. We are in the tower, with our room overlooking the indoor pool...check the view below.

We took a great 90 minute walk on Daytona Beach this afternoon. After check in, we had to go buy new bathing suits, as we did not plan this trip at all... Life as an RV'er.... Love it.

Kristina and Shawn should remember the water slide in the video...Judy checked it out for old time sake... The kids loved this place!

Did not take us long to unpack, as we have nothing with us...having a great time though!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Great to get back for old times sake . Sounds like a wonderful time, live Daytona Beach.

  2. I'm sure that place brings back of lot of great family memories.

    Maybe you'll have to get all the granddaughters down there for "old times sake".

  3. How cool is that! Now, if you could get back there for Daytona Bike week, the largest motorcycle get together in the US of A, that would be something.

  4. MEMORIES!!! You didn't!! I was sure Shawn and I had worn out that water slide...
    I know Rick says you should bring the grands for old times sake - but what about ME?! (Oh and I guess Shawn too ;)