Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Baldwin Lake Adventure...

Seems lately we have been doing too much RV Maintenance, cleaning, laundry... you get the picture. It was time for a fun day.

A quick check of good old google, showed me a nice 3 mile bicycle path around Lake Baldwin, which is located inside the City of Orlando! Let's go!

We drove up to the Park, and found out that this is a dog lovers paridise! CRAZY! We could hardly believe that they set this huge park aside as an off leash dog park! The dogs were all going nuts, and there was lots of them! As a bonus, they could all go swimming... The park had to be at least 10 acres in size, with a large portion of beach, and one of bush!


We decided to eat our bag lunch before we went biking, so we wanted to eat and watch the dogs, or, more like have the dogs eat our lunch while we watched them! We had lots of dogs try to nudge in for a bite of lunch! Every dog here today was well behaved!

They had everything you needed as a dog owner, or a dog. Shelters, and wash off areas to get the sand off your dog when you leave.

All the dog action almost wanted me to get one! NOT!!!!!!! Patra would never put up with it! It was time to get down to serious biking today...

The whole lake basically was surrounded by nice Condos, and newer apartments... lots of people live here, and are able to enjoy this paved walking/bike path.

It was good we had a bit of cloud cover, as it was really hot today! We enjoyed the ride so much, we went around the lake a second time, to make for a nice easy 6 mile bike ride!

Lots of wild flowers hanging around the lake... great spot to visit!

Our weather seems kind of nice, especially when I am watching the Toronto CTV News tonight, and all they are talking about is freezing rain and ice pellets and snow for tomorrow... what month is it????

A big shout out to my Brother Gord up in Orillia... "Happy Birthday"

Till tomorrow...


  1. There is no point in heading north if the weather isn't cooperating.

    Bicycling and biking where you are presents a better draw.

  2. Sure wish our pups would behave themselves around other dogs but that's not going to happen in their life times. I bet all the dogs really did want to share lunch with you. Nice that the weather cooperated for you. I'm not ready to head to Montana yet because it is still too cold up that way.

  3. Yep don't rush home, it is yukky here yet. and it even cold too!