Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tourism gone wild...


I told Judy not to drink two glasses of that water from the Fountain of Youth... right away we started seeing changes in her appearance....

Yes, we went touring again today, even though it was a very rainy day here... it also cooled off by about 20 degrees.


This is a tour from Friday... we visited the Old Town Jail. I am sitting with the Sheriff who was a real big man.


Mr. Flagler wanted to build a new Hotel in St. Augustine, but the jail was next door, so he did not want to have to smell it... so, when you have lots of money being the owner of Standard Oil, you pay for a new Jail to be built in 1863 about a mile and a half away... this new jail was an open air jail...(no windows) and finally closed in 1953.

This is our Deputy that showed us through...

Prisoners got to do the garden up for the Sheriff and his family...

Yup, they owned a set of Gallows here, and they used it! 8 times I think...

Here is an elevated shot of the Gallows. Right out back of the Jail...

Here comes the prisoner transport now...

There was two levels of cells... and believe me, there was not much room in them! If they could fit a man in...they stayed!

They did not seem to care for prisoner comfort back then... no mattress in the cells, only a bunch of steel.

After spending a number of years working for Corrections Canada, here is Judy on the wrong side of the bars... yes, pre-fountain of youth drinks.

Deputy was explaining how the ball and chain worked... They filled the ball with sand when they got out to the job site!

Nothing better than possum stew for dinner each night! Yum!

Don't think too many escaped from here...

This is an actual picture of the last hanging at this jail... The Sheriff is the big guy with the hat! The message here is, "Don't be killing your wife!"

No, we are not done here yet!

Till tomorrow...



  1. With that gallows out back, the prisoners might think twice about trying to escape.

    And where is my order for that water? Your service is somewhat lacking. After seeing the change in Judy, I would like to add express shipping to my order!!

  2. Wow - that water really does work. I'm with Donna - express mine to me also. I didn't know about the ball and chain being filled with sand. Always something new to learn at these great little museums.

  3. Another fun day touring, that water worked on Judy, but looks like it didn't for for you, too bad, better drink more!

  4. How interesting to compare jails of old to the five star conditions offered prisoners today.

    Great history there too.

    Nice photo of Judy in the pool....after a long day touring the sights.

  5. The Fountain of Youth water is working wonders for Judy, but I see it hasn't done much for you, John!

    Those gallows are pretty gruesome looking - especially if you just happened to be innocent!