Tuesday, April 16, 2013

On your mark, get set.... travel

Yes, today was get ready to go day! Tomorrow we will leave Winter Haven, which has proved to be a great winter home! 92 deg. F. is a little bit warm though, and that is what is was today!

This morning was committed to getting all things that roll ready to go. The RV had to have the wheel covers taken off... had to have all the tire pressures tested, and adjusted. Lots of things to be stowed and put away. I decided to do it early today, as I had a bit of a hint it might be warm again today here!

I spent about an hour and a half over at the trailer parking area, getting our trailer ready to go. Tie down the motorcycles... tie down the bicycles... the kayaks, all our riding gear... a new buggy for Gwenny... lots of stuff to be done.

The picture above is peeking in the side door of the trailer... lots of stuff, but it is all tied down, and does not move during transit.. Best part of the enclosed trailer, is nothing gets dirty... does not matter if it rains or hails.

This afternoon, during the hottest part of the day, I took our Jeep over to a local garage to be serviced before leaving. Good thing I did. I had it in for an oil change. The mechanic when driving the Jeep into the service bay, noticed some squeaking... thought we should look at the brakes. Turns out our rear brakes required service. They had just plain worn out... apparently you cannot beat on that pedal all day, and expect the brakes to work for years and years without service! Good news was, that the garage had a brake special on for full service to rear brakes for $139.00. Perfect! We had our front brakes replaced last spring in New Mexico, and they are still like new said the mechanic.

Home by 4:00 and it was too hot to do anything but sit inside our nice and cool RV and enjoy a refreshment.


Kristina sent a nice iPhone photo of Gwenny this afternoon, just waking up from and nap, nice and happy!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Gwenny is still a cutie for sure.

    Safe travels my friend.

  2. Beautiful pic of Gwenny!

    You sure have a lot of stuff packed in that trailer. I wonder what the Customs Agents are going to say if they take a peek in there?

  3. I bet you can't wait to see your beautiful little Gwenny. Travel safe.

  4. Travel safe, and enjoy the journey.

    Don' t rush back supposed to be pretty cold this weekend then warm up.

  5. I sure wish we could take our enclosed motorcycle trailer, hitched behind our 5th wheel. Several US States and several Canadian Provinces allow towing a trailer with a ball hitch behind a 5th wheel... but not good old fashioned (overly bureaucratic) British Columbia. Using the swivel wheel is the only legal way I can take our motorcycle down to the US during the winter. And it does get dirty behind the fiver!!!!

    Cute, cute photo of Gwenny....and certainly a good reason to head back for Ontario.