Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to turn a rainy day into CASH!!!

Wow... someone turned on the tap and left it on! It rained last night, and again this morning, and all this afternoon! Of this all happened after I just removed black streaks from the RV this week, and will end up having to do it all over again! Rain is a big cause of black streaks!

I had to get up on the roof this morning to take water off of our slide out toppers... they were full! Took a couple pictures as it always looks neat when you are standing way up there...

You can see some empty sites as we work our way into April...

We had a lot of grey clouds happening here! Hope it was better where you were today!

So what is there to do when you live in an RV and it is pouring rain all day! Make money, that's what you do!

As I was working away on my iPad this morning, catching up on all the hockey trades, Judy was busy in the back bedroom sorting through all her jewelry. After about an hour or so, she came out with a couple bags of older jewelry that she did not wear anymore, or in some cases, pieces of jewelry that were broken and no longer of use. She said, "I think I will try to sell this stuff, instead of throwing it out"... I said, "ya, right... who will buy that stuff?"

Off we went to a local Jewelry Store, called Midas. They took Judy's bag, and sorted through all the old pieces, and separated out what they would buy, and what they said had little value, or costume jewelry.

Much to my surprise, they paid Judy $205.00!!!! I was thinking, maybe $50.00 if we were lucky, and beat them with a stick!

Off we went in the Jeep, with Judy counting money in the navagator's seat!

We were having lunch, and I thought... wait a minute... I have some old broken rings, that I don't wear anymore, and are hanging around in a box of old stuff I keep in my drawer. I had a couple of them, with a gold chain that I don't wear anymore. Judy decided she had a couple more pieces she did not want to keep, and we threw them in the bag and headed back to the Gold Buyer!

There are a number of stores around this area that all advertise they buy gold and pay the highest prices. Of course, lately, the price of gold has dropped a bit, so we would have been better doing this a couple months ago.

After they reviewed our second batch of gold, we walked out with another $160.00, so that made a grand total of $365.00 for the day. I figured this was much easier than holding a garage sale. Judy thought this was fantastic, as she was actually thinking of just throwing some of this stuff in the garbage!

So, don't throw away all that old Jewelry you have hanging around... it is probably worth some money! Especially with the price of gold as high as it is now.

I explained to Judy, that with all this found money in her purse, she could maybe take her driver for the day out to lunch, as he was hungry hanging around all this gold!

She asked me where I wanted to go, and I said, hey, let's try Panera Bread! I have always wanted to try this place, and it is new in Winter Haven.

Wow... was I surprised! This place is fantastic! It was also packed inside... but we were able to get a table and enjoyed lunch. I had the French Onion Soup, and a Turkey 1/2 sandwich... both were terrific, and Judy had the same soup with a different type of turkey sandwich. Lunch was also only $15.00! I will go back in a flash! Great spot!

So, tomorrow I have to look around for more Gold if I want to go out for lunch I guess!

Till tomorrow...



  1. We have had rain here in Augusta, GA, all last night and every minute today! YUCK! Enough is enough.

    I love Panera Bread! Our daughter, Kelly, worked there when she was in college. Needless to say, we ate our way though her junior and senior years....yummy!

  2. Hey, ya done good!! Didn't sell the wedding rings though now did you? There is a bridge in Reno, NV where people used to throw their wedding rings after getting a quickie divorce. Sure wish I could rescue some of that gold but I don't think they do it much anymore.

  3. Well done on the gold selling front. If you don't use it, get rid of it....and to cash out is great. Way to go Judy!!!

  4. Now John while you were out west last year you could have done some prospecting. Who knows you might have hit the mother lode. LOL. Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Great idea for how to spend a rainy day. We did some gold selling when we were downsizing, but it seems like there are always a few more pieces that I could part with that I no longer wear. Panera Bakeries are great!

  6. Good for you guys !!

    Our story is always the opposite.

    We go to the coin/jewelry/antique store and are shocked by how little we are offered. LOL

    Take care and safe travels... Tnt

  7. Congrats on the great haul! I've often wondered if those gold stores are fairly honest or just crooks. Sounds like you hit a fair one.

  8. Wow, way to make the rainy day pay off.

    Panera is my favorite, there should be one in every neighborhood. Broccoli cheddar soup and the bacon turkey bravo, yum.

    24 months til fulltime!! Kris

  9. Nice way to have a profitable rainy day. We did that last year and came out pretty fair as well. Now go digging for more old jewellery, see what you can find.