Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Great trip to Orillia!

Wow... on the road at 8:00 a.m. this morning, heading up to Orillia, with Gwenny and Kristina in tow! Everyone was all charged up to make the trip. We also had a blast!

Of course we had our, "Welcome back to Ontario" trip across the top of Toronto on the 401... yikes, some things never change. Took us about 4 hours for the average 3 hour trip this morning... more on this later.

While Gwenny and my Mom both look like they just lost their best friends... that was not the case at all. Gwenny didn't want to sit on knees and pose for pictures today, so the best I could get was above... She was still in a great mood though... even after the long Jeep ride. Yes, my Mom turns 90 this August! She is doing very well!


We headed down to the Swiss Chalet in Orillia for lunch. This is by far my Mom's favourite Restaurant to go to... great chicken dinners here all the time. Gwenny was right into the crayons and colouring papers they gave her as we came in the door.

Gwenny spends a lot of time people watching in Restaurants! EVERYBODY in the Restaurant loves Gwenny of course, and most come by just to say "Hello"...

After lunch Gwenny had to blow off some stored up energy, so we stopped by the Park in Orillia... right beside Lake Couchiching. Say that three times quickly! The City of Orillia has done a fantastic job on this Park, and it is well used.

There is no slide Gwenny does not like!

Now here is 4 Generations of Family for you! Mom lives in the apartments right behind.

Had a great day!

Made it back to Woodstock in 2 hours... how did we do that! We did not fly... instead, we used the Highway 407 which is a toll highway... probably about $20.00 for a 16 minute drive on this highway... however it saved maybe 1 1/2 hours of travel time on the way home! You decide!

Till tomorrow...



  1. That was a quick day trip for you guys but sounds like you had a great time.
    The 407 can save you some travel time occasionally .
    Usually we just take to 401-400 to Aurora depending when we go too.

  2. Wow! Your Mom looks terrific and young for 90!

    My Mom and Dad used to love Swiss Chalet as well and it was their favourite place to take us all out for dinner on birthdays etc.

    Gwenny is still a little charmer!

  3. Mom looks great. That is a cute picture of the two of them even if they didn't smile.

    Awesome last photo! Love Gwenny's movie-star look.

  4. Love the 407. But we only use it once or twice a year. If we lived in the big city (Yuck) the cost would be an issue. Don't mind paying the few times we need it.

  5. Your mom does look healthy and agile. How nice that is at age 90. To connect the four generations is a gift.

    Traffic? It seems to be a way of life in major metropolitan areas.