Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Surprise Hitchhiker on board today...

Yes, we are back up in the 90's again today, as we were getting ready to leave our winter home at Cypress Gardens RV Park...


With the park thinning out of people, we were able to hook up our motorcycle trailer right on the road in front of our site... no problem. I moved it over to the site with the Jeep.

All our neighbours and new friends came out to say goodbye to us this morning... above Rachel and Ron from Maine dropped by just before we hit the road, just after 10:00 this morning.

We only had 150 miles to cover to get to St. Augustine where we plan to hide out for a few days.


We arrived at our new Park around 2:00 this afternoon, perfect timing.

We obtained a nice big pull through site, that allows us to keep the trailer hooked on, and park our Jeep, all on our site... kind of nice.

This is not a big Park, but it sure filled up this afternoon after we got here.

We decided to BBQ up a nice steak on our Weber Q200 tonight so I went to get the grill out of the back of the Jeep. Judy was there first and says..."Wow... looks like a surprise hitchhiker on board" . Yup, we had brought a Gecko with us from Winter Haven! This is a kind of fuzzy cell phone picture above, it was a bit dark inside the Jeep... We managed to convince him to eventually leave our Jeep, and he now resides in St. Augustine, Florida. Hope he likes it! Might be better to find him now, and not when we got back to Ontario! He might not really like the snow!

Our Park actually has a small lake, with a nice gazebo to enjoy. Judy reports fish in the lake...

Lots of trees around, so you end up with a lot of birds!

There is the cook above keeping his eye on the Weber... steak turned out great!

Tomorrow will be playing "tourist" all day, as we plan to go and check out the Oldest City in the United States of America!

Some lucky reader tonight will be Reader #200,000. I never ever would have thunk it!

Till tomorrow...



  1. The Gecko probably has relatives he wanted to visit...hence the free ride.

  2. St Augustine is a fabulous place....check out the Aligater farm across from the State Park....its over the Ponce bridge towards the Ocean....Love the back cobble stone alleys' best seen by riding in a horse drawn cart with a narrator driver....Flagler built a great hotel there to accomodate his rich northern friends who rode his train down .....Lots of history...
    Safe Journey home

  3. Big pull through sites are what we favour too.

    That little gecko clearly has to find new roots.

  4. Did the Gecko ask if you had insurance? He might try to sell you some! Looks like a nice park with the gazebo and lake - very pleasant.

  5. Enjoy your time in St Augustine. It is one of our most favorite places.

  6. Looks like a beautiful Park. looking forward to seeing Gwenny on her new little Bike.

  7. It was me !! It was me !!

    I clicked "refresh" a couple of times, until the counter showed 200,000.

    Like my Dad taught us kids "If you aren't cheating, you aren't REALLY trying ..." Ha ha

    Now, what exactly did I win again??

    Safe travels, friends ... TnT

  8. nice little hitchhiker! or maybe he wanted to be a stowaway?

  9. We enjoyed St. Augustine quite a few years ago, lots to see.
    Gotta get the Weber out as much as you can.