Monday, April 29, 2013

Clean up day...

Even though it was really overcast this morning, I decided to head outside and work on least it did not rain!


I managed to wash the MH and the Motorcycle Trailer. All clean again.

Judy was in Town babysitting Gwenny while Kristina was getting her hair cut. I went into Town to join her and make a trip to Canadian Tire. Found a job to do in at the house...a new buggy to put together.


We brought this double buggy home with us from Florida, and wanted to put it together...never needed even a screwdriver! Excellent quality made by Graco. All set for the new baby, and Gwenny to ride on!

Kristina approved.

So did Gwenny, after she woke up from her nap.


Made time to take her to the park...but as you can tell, the slide was a bit wet so we had to dry it off to meet Gwenny's approval.

I BBQ'd a few sausages tonight on our new Weber Q 200, and must say, I am still very impressed with thi grill. It cooks fantastic, and not like any other we have had... think I am now hooked on Weber!

Off to Orillia tomorrow to visit Mom!

Till tomorrow...



  1. I was quite certain you would be pleased with the Weber Q 200 barbecue.

    That bay buggy is quite something. It sure looks like a quality product.

  2. Gwenny and the new baby sure have some special grandparents.

  3. Love our Q-100 and I am sure the more you use it the more you will love it.
    Hardly anything you can't cook on it and cook well.