Saturday, April 13, 2013

How much can you take???

This afternoon I looked at the thermometer we have inside, and it showed we were at 88 deg. F. inside temperature! Yikes... We knew something was wrong, as poor old Patra was just lying around hardly even moving! Quickly I jumped up and turned on both our overhead AC units! They work fast.

Judy and I had gone down to the pool for a swim after actually doing some exercises outside this afternoon... that pool felt real good!

By the time we got back at 4:00 the RV had cooled right down, we came inside and Patra was running around like a teenager heading out for a party!

I decided to take it easy this afternoon, and watch some of the Masters Golf Tournament! Probably the best Golf Tournament in the world each year!


Tiger got caught up in some controversy by dropping a ball not according to the rules and suffered a 2 stroke penalty... but he will be there tomorrow for the end... so should be fun to watch.

Paul and Marsha Weaver are in Augusta, Georgia, and were lucky enough to actually get tickets to get in and watch some of the Masters... you can check their blog out here!

Earlier this afternoon I had a job to complete... starting to get ready to leave! I had to service our two "house batteries" on the RV. If you recall, I had trouble a couple months ago with them, with severe corrision on the terminals. They were much better this time, but still required servicing...

You can see the batteries on the right... took about 2 hours today, as I had to paint the battery frame work inside the hole you see on the RV. This will help stop some corrision. Everything is now good to go when we hit the road, which will be next week sometime! Can't believe it!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Our air usually comes on when it hits 87 inside. Both the girls and I like it that warm but Jim has trouble with it. So sometimes he gets to win.

  2. I don't think you'll be getting much sympathy from any family or friends in Ontario about how hot it is in Florida!

    It seems you've been in Florida forever - must be time to head home soon!

  3. Another good job completed.

    Hoping one day you will get to go to the Masters too.

  4. Got to service those hose batteries to keep them working good.
    Enjoy that hot weather, because tomorrow a heat wave here 64f ! Then the next two weeks much colder again!

  5. A swim, watching The Masters and a bit of maintenance sounds like a fairly good day to me. The heat helps too!!!