Monday, April 15, 2013

Welcome to our sauna!

Another great day in Florida, but maybe it got a little too hot this afternoon. The official temperature hit 91 deg. F. Wow.... crazy. What it did do this afternoon, was make us prisoners inside our RV with the AC units running on high! We have two of them an can turn this RV into a fridge in minutes! Good thing!

This morning we got outside for a nice walk before it got too hot. We went over to the walking trail at Lake Wales and completed the 4 1/2 mile walk is just over an hour.


This is a great trail that makes a horse shoe around the Lake...

It is very open with a great view of the lake as you walk around. Lots of people out walking today.


After our walk we stopped over at the Eagle Ridge Mall, and picked up our new glasses from the Optical Outlet. Now I can really see who is reading the blog! We also found these Sand Hill Cranes above, Momma and Daddy, along with the 2 teenagers, as they source out their lunch. I sourced mine out at Taco Bell, with a couple tacos... one of my favourites!

Tonight of course, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and Families of the victims of the senseless bombing at the Boston Marathon. Judy and I have toured Boston, and it is an incredible City that we loved!

Now that we have our new glasses, that puts our departure plans into play. We will be leaving Winter Haven on Wednesday, and will head over to the Atlantic Ocean, and stay at St. Augustine for a few days. Plans call for us to be back in the Homeland around Aril 26th.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Another senseless terrorist attack and this time, it targets marathoners in Boston. Hard to fathom the mind set of a terrorist.

    Safe journey as you trek toward the homeland.

  2. Florida temps are getting too hot for comfort huh?

  3. Enjoy the journey back home, weather is getting better by the minutes, except a short set back this weekend.

  4. Enjoy your trip home and travel safely. At least you'll be able to see where you're going now.