Friday, April 5, 2013

Wow...can it be tax time already?


For the last four year in a row, now that we spend this time of the year in the U.S.A., we have come across Americans who actually leave the Parks early in order to get home to complete income taxes! I guess it is always on people's minds, that they have to get this completed. We had neighbours go home early from here, and when I questioned them about it, they indicated they had to do paper forms as they do not do it on line.

Here is how I do my income taxes!

Judy has done our taxes for as long as I can remember, and nobody has come to the door asking me to explain anything, or tell me that I have to go to Jail...


So, my assumption is that she is doing it the correct way! By the way, she does use the online program called "Turbo Tax" to do our returns, that cost about $15.00 a return. It is great, as we can file form the U.S. Hmmmmmmm.... early news from Judy has us writing another cheque to the Gov.... rats!

Not much on the go today, other than a trip over to the Eagle Ridge Mall, just 5 minutes down the road in Lake Wales.

I had talked for the last while, about getting a perscription pair of sunglasses. We both went in and looked around, and these folks at Optical Outlet, had a fantastic deal to offer. Judy and I both got a new pair of transition lenes, with no glare, and scratch proof glass, and on and on, for $219.00 each! I was really happy with my new frames I choose, as was Judy. Thanks to Judy's Fed. Gov't Benefits, we get most of the cost of these covered... a great benefit for working there so long!

After we explained we were a bunch of crazy Canadians leaving this to the last couple weeks before we fly back home, the Store Mgr. went out of her way to let us know they will be here by the 14th of the month! Bonus!

Wanted to give a shoutout tonight to Dan and Kris over at Meandering Jaxs | Two Jackson's, an RV, and one spoiled puppy . They just recently started a new blog, as they are in the early stages of going "Fulltime"... What a big step to make! They won't regret it! I can remember when we first started getting ready, and it was a little stressfull, that is for sure!

They have decided to start blogging now, as they hope to be able to help others who may following in the tire tracks! Great idea! Good luck Dan and Kris, we will follow your adventures!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Denis uses Turbo Tax to do his taxes too. We wouldn't dream of rushing back home for taxes. Love the glasses.

  2. we use Ufile! or rather I do..cause I am the one that punches the numbers in!
    I guess maybe I should get on it, thanks for the reminder!
    Will have to take a peek at the new blog in blogville!

  3. We also use Turbo tax so no need to home to file.
    You will soon be heading home too a few days behind us.

  4. That's why you got all that money for your old Gold jewelery - now you can give it to the feds!

    I do our taxes and have done it electronically for almost 20 years now. It sure is easy not having to assemble and mail all the forms in. I'll have about 2 weeks to finish ours up when we get home.

    Now, if I could only deduct our snowbird expenses as a business cost!!

  5. Surely RVing can be written off as a business expense if your business is blogging to the world about your (MIS)adventures!