Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wet Sunday...

It started off dry this morning, but by 2:30 this afternoon, we were into cool and wet weather... looks like it will hang around for tomorrow as well. Of well, spring flowers on the way!

Early this afternoon, I did get a chance to climb up on the roof of the RV and give it a good wash job! Things get dirty when you travel about 2,000 klms. so they need to be cleaned. Hopefully, I will finish off the RV this week when the weather gets better.

Want to wish Shawn and Jenn a Happy Anniversary today! 6 years of lots of fun for them, and 2 of the nicest young girls you would ever want to meet! We had a chance to Skype with Shawn and the girls tonight, as Jenn was driving home from Toronto, where she was visiting her Dad in Hospital.


I managed to get some screen shots of the girls... although it is kind of hard, as they don't often stop moving!

This was a contest to make strange faces on skype!

Then we got into a dance party...

Emmie was doing gymnastics and hola houp for us on the call...

Sure is great to be able to see the kids even though they are a few hundred kilometers away!

That was the extent of our Sunday, hope you had a great one as well...

Till tomorrow...



  1. Skype sure is a nice way to keep in touch. Love to have access to the technology.

  2. Those two girls are such hams. Love the strange face contest.

  3. Congrats to Shawn and Jenn on their 6th wedding anniversary! What a beautiful looking family!

    The girls are sure cute - isn't Skype fantastic?

  4. Face time and Skype are fantastic technological tools, aren't they. Gotta love kids that enjoy jumping and dancing and goofing off. That brought many laughs. Cute stuff!

    And yes, congrats to Shawn and Jenn on the 6th wedding anniversary.