Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Daytona in a flash...

With heavy hearts this morning, we mounted up on our iron horses, fired them up and headed back to Winter Haven.

Daytona is a great spot! Now that we are back home, I was able to get some pictures off our camera.

Daytona is one of the few big Beaches that allow you to actually drive your car on, and park! The reason is simple, there is no parking along the A1A Highway that runs along the beach. Yes, they do charge to drive and park on the beach, but I am not sure what the price is this year. We got lucky and got to park on as side street right near the beach, as a lady pulled out and yelled at me to take her spot! Thanks!

It was a great afternoon to walk the beach... we walked for 90 minutes! The beach was quite busy with some left over Spring Breakers.

Judy found this guy making a Florida Gator in the sand... did a heck of a job!


As we walked the beach, we made sure we had our ducks lined up in a row....

Kristina commented on the blog last night that she sure remembered the Sun Viking Lodge... you can see how busy it was when we got there last night. It was very warm, and the pools felt good! Sure was fun remembering all the good times we had at this resort... got to do a Skype call with Kristina this morning on the iPad, and showed her around the resort in real time!

We got up at about 6:45 this morning, and I was able to watch the sun rise on the Atlantic Ocean... something you do not get a chance to do every day... wish we did!

It was nice to watch this ball of fire make it's way up to start the day off... I commented on Rick's blog today, as he is in Pismo Beach, California. I told him I would send the sun over his way, and he can watch it fall into the Pacific Ocean! That is how small the world is folks!

Attached is a short video I took this morning, at around 7:00 a.m. at Daytona. It starts looking north, and then pans south... not too many people out at that time of the morning, but there were a few!

We were back in Winter Haven early this afternoon, as the weather forecast was rain all afternoon, which is not good while riding your motorcycle, however the rain never came... still hoping though... we need it! Gotta make more orange juice!

Till tomorrow...



  1. We got your rain up here in Bushnell but we cheated to get it here. I Washed the Truck! Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I love it all! The sunsets are beautiful and that gator is impressive! I can't even make a good sand castle using pre-made sandcastle molds! I can make a mean SANDLUMP though.

  3. beautiful sunrise this morning over Daytona!! thanks for sharing and for getting up early enough to capture it!!

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  5. Gotta love Daytona beach, always lotsa fun there.

  6. Thanks for sending the sun over to the west coast, John. It arrived right on schedule and set over the Pacific just like said - good job!

    Beautiful sunrise pics - awesome looking!