Monday, April 1, 2013

It's APRIL you fool....

After I crawled out of bed this morning, found my Toronto Maple Leaf Housecoat, poured a coffee and sat in my favourite chair with my iPad.... Judy quickly had me up and looking out the front door for an armadillo of all things.... well, seems it was April 1st, and no one sent me the email! She got me good!

This morning, after I woke up properly, I found lots of energy, and decided to go outside and do some cleaning around the RV. I had noticed some dreaded "black streaks" on the upper portion of our RV, and of course, this will never do! While at Walmart the other day, I picked up a bottle of Black Streak Remover, made by Camco.

I have always had a policy of plugging any product/item that I think is worthy... this is one of them! I was really impressed by the way this product did it's job... just as advertised on the bottle. Best part of this product is the price... $5.00 a bottle. What a deal. I ended up cleaning our entire outer surfaces of the RV and used a lot less than 1/2 a bottle! I used a microfiber cloth, (damp) and just wiped as directed. As you spray it out of the bottle, the products turns to a white foam... It cleaned all black streaks off, and lots of other dirt! Consider this only if you want a nice clean looking RV for a cheap price! I'm going back for another bottle to bring home!

Ya, I had all the ladders and pails out that I owned today, but have a nice clean RV tonight! Judy got so pumped up about this cleaner, she cleaned the entire inside of the RV and never touched this product!


This afternoon, I was on my laptop taking care of our Banking. I love online Banking, as of course, you can do it anywhere... I was needing some information from our Mail Lady, Kristina, so I was texting her, and then had to skype with her as a follow up... and then I realized... yikes! What's with all this technology! I must have more WIFI signals bouncing around in my head... no wonder I was up looking for an armadillo! For a few minutes I did not even know what screen to look at! Oh boy... was life always this complicated and hi tech???

How warm was it here today? Judy and I spent a good part of the afternoon inside the RV with both our air-conditioners all fired up... nice and cool!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Did you see the armadillo? We love on-line banking and bill pay too. Is there any other way when you're on the road?

  2. At least she didn't send you on an armadillo hunt. She could have had you chasing all over trying to find it LOL!! Thanks for the tip on the black streak remover. Always on the lookout for products that make life easier.

  3. Ah yes, the dreaded black streaks, sounds like a good product. After a week of cold weather here in Florida, we are starting to get an early taste of summer--humid and hot.

  4. Well done, Judy! To pull off that April Fool's joke is great! Watch out for next year though. John is likely to want to get even.