Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wow... summer has arrived!

Beautiful day here in Ontario! Lots of sun, and temps pressing 20 deg. C. Kinda nice!

This morning I got outside and washed up the Jeep.... it needed it! Nice and clean now... no pics though... you know what it looks like!


Between yesterday and today, we did some more work on getting set up on our site, and as you can see above, we are doing good. Lots of green grass, and no leaves up in those trees yet... still waiting for spring!

Went into Town for a couple hours this afternoon doing bunch of shopping, and picking up some of my drugs at the Pharm. Set for another 90 days!

It was so nice out, we decided to have the kids out for a BBQ. Gwenny had to find some play time above...

We picked up this little lawn chair with a roof for Gwenny at Camping World in Winter Haven. She was right into it! Ready for the beach!

Great night for a BBQ!

Till tomorrow....



  1. I figured there would be pictures of Gwenny LOL!!! She looks so cute in her little chair. I miss having little grandkids and getting all those cute things for them.

  2. Gwenny is getting so big and still as cute as ever!!!

  3. Glad you are enjoying the nice weather, Aren't you glad we warmed things up for your arrival?

  4. Welcome Home!! Hope to see you guys soon.
    Let us know when you have some free time.

  5. It looks like you are already well set up for the season.

    It was a nice night for a barbecue outdoors.

  6. I'll have to add getting our BBQ in shape to my list. Can't have you Ontario guys beating us on that!

    Gwenny looks pretty comfy in her little lawn chair.