Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!


Happy 145th Birthday Canada! It is great to live in Canada, and we are very proud of it! Weather was terrific for Canada Day Events, held across the Country.

I was feeling a bit better this morning, (I hope so, after a week of this cold...) so we decided to drive out to the Town of Embro and join Chris and Kristina, along with Gwenny at the Annual Embro Highland Games, celebrated each Canada Day, and have been doing it now for 75 Years! These are the longest running Highland Games in Ontario!

I cannot recall ever attending Highland Games, but are we ever glad we went. They were terrific, and a great way to celebrate Canada Day! There were all kinds of activities going all day long...


There were a few vendors selling everything Scottish of course...


These guys above, are warming up for the rock toss... they toss a 20 lb. rock... the winning throw was over 43 feet on the day... I might have made 5 feet...

They had demonstrations of border collies, herding sheep... were they ever good, amazing to watch.


Another great Highland Game is the Tug of war! Teams of 8 to a side were pulling all day long! I really enjoyed watching this one! They take this very seriously.


They had a great collection of various British Cars on hand... great to view...

This yellow Lotus, really caught my eye, but I don't think I could actually sit inside this thing, it is so low to the ground!

Gwenny was all decked out in Canada Day clothing, as we all were, but sometimes, enough is enough!

Can't remember what they called this toss above, but I will just refer to it as the old ball and chain toss!

A lady standing by me asked him how much it weighed, and he said the same as her purse!

And of course, it would not be Scottish Highland Games, without the caber toss... it is a lot harder than it looks, that is for sure!


Above, the people running the games, made sure they welcomed our American Friends!

As it was real hot again today, at lunch time, we had to find some shade, and the only shade we could find was inside the beer tent! Imagine that! Gwenny didn't seem to mind though...

These two guys above, are shearing a sheep! I have never seen this before, and they did it with that funky looking manual sheering machine... the kids are lined up on the left, to take a turn at the crank. The guy doing the actual sheering was excellent, and he knew what he was doing!

Of course there were bag pipes, they had a competition... the group above is warming up. There was a big highland dance competition as well... just an overall excellent day that we really enjoyed! All the money raised at these games goes right back into the local community! The way it should be!

Hope you had a great Canada Day, and to our American Friends, Happy 4th of July coming up this week! I imagine a lot of Americans are on a long weekend as well as us...

Till tomorrow...



  1. Thought for sure we might get a picture of you in a Kilt, John!

    Hope they didn't make you eat any Haggis!

  2. Looks like a wonderful time had by all!

  3. A nice Canada Day event in a small town and close to home for you. Looks like y'all had a great time.

  4. You took in a good Canada Day celebration. Nice photos of all the events...and especially of Gwenny taking a little nap in her stroller.