Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hey "Barkeeper"...

Some products have some real funny names! This is one of them...


"Bar Keeper's Friend" is a strange name, I thought anyways, for a cleaning product. It was recomended to Judy by Sheila, who stayed in our Park this summer with hubby John. We will probably run into them down in Florida this winter.

This product is a type of stainless steel cleaner. Judy didn't use it for that though... she used it on the ceramic plate inside our microwave oven of all things!


The inside of our micro/convection oven is nice and clean now... I do not have a before picture for you, but the white ceramic dish that revolves was stained brown, and was impossible to clean. We tried everything on it, including dynamite! In no time, Judy had it nice and clean again using the above product! Things you learn while living in an RV!!!!!

Lots of rain here last night, and most of the day today. Headed into Town to do some shopping today, and of course a visit in to see Kristina and Gwenny... had not seen them for a while.

Judy was playing with Gwenny for a while, and had just about every toy Gwenny owns out on the floor!


We had problems the last couple days with a leaky shower door assembly. Today I bought new sealing material and took the job on. I removed all the doors and rails, and ended up re-installing them. Took a couple hours, but I got it all finished up. Will wait for 24 hours before I put the doors back on, as it should be all dried up by then, and ready to go again!


Have you ever come across Wild Turkeys... I took this pic when we drove out to visit Judy's Brother Bob, and Kate. These birds are huge, and were part of the reason for the leash on the cat! Yes, these birds can fly, but appear very clumsy!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Wild turkey yes, have seem quite a few in the New Hamburg/Plattsville area. Probably the best turkey I have ever eaten. Compliments of some local hunters frequented my restaurant many years ago. I feed them all year and they fed us once a year at get together.

  2. Bar Keeper's Friend is a great product. I use it on tons of stuff.

    We have wild turkeys where we are, and YES, they are huge.

  3. humm never heard of bar keepers friend..but will keep an eye open for it...yes have run into wild turkeys often..scary creatures....

  4. Used Bar Keeper's Friend on the outside of our rig prior to using Red Max Pro and it worked great!

  5. I'd never heard of Bar Keeper's Friend. As for Wild Turkeys, I don't think they exist here on Vancouver Island.

    Gwenny sure has a boatload of toys to keep her amused.