Friday, September 21, 2012

The Big Apple Strikes AGAIN...

Yes, it seems Apple has another hot new product on it's hands again, judging by the usual big line ups at all the Apple Stores. CTV news had it right tonight, why line up at the Apple Store, when you could have gone to The Bell Store, or The Source to buy the phone with no line up!

I guess it is OK if you are buying a new phone on a new plan, however if you are just upgrading your phone, it will cost you over $1,000.00 to do so! Is it worth it? Bigger and faster seem to be the only real reasons for this phone... Not much else it seems... They are already saying to wait for the next one!

With the new phone though, comes a new release of software from Apple. iOS 6 is now available, and I downloaded it today onto my iPad.

One of the big improvements I wanted to see, was the Maps Program. It now comes with Voice directions when you set your destination, and is now a true Road GPS for anyone that has their iPad hooked up to a network, like we do. Had to wait for it though, as it was a 40 minute download and set up for the new operating software!


This is a sample picture from Maps above, of Paris, France. Once you set your destination, you get a nice bold blue line that you follow on the map, with complete voice commands as you drive along.

Apple says that iOS 6 will take our iPad in a "new direction"... we will see!

Judy and Kristina took Gwenny into London, on a shopping trip, and Dr. visit today, while I stayed at home playing iPad update, and riding my bicycle. Before they left Judy got a nice pic of me and Gwenny!

Judy caught this next pic of Gwenny while shopping, and you would think that someone just told Gwenny that she won the Lottery!


Turned out nice this afternoon, for the last full day of summer! Look out, here comes fall!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Great pic of you and Gwenny and the one of Gwenny in the buggy is priceless!

    I downloaded iOS6 yesterday and had a look at the new Map program. As for the iPhone 5, I'm still happy with my iPhone 4, so I'll just wait for the next iPhone to come along and see what it has. How much more can they do with a phone anyway???

  2. sounds like a handy device and good software from apple. Still don't have any i-phones yet, maybe someday....

  3. Nice Gwenny picture, she looks like a good little shopper, cute outfit she has on. Think I can be happy with the 4s for a while looking at that $1,000 price to upgrade.

  4. Hey, it's great to have you download the new iOS6 so I don't have to! I can read all about it from you and from Rick. I was actually reluctant to give up my Google Maps based on some of the reviews I read. I'll be interested to see how well you like the new Apple map system. Like Rick, I am happy with my iPhone 4. Especially with the iPad, I don't need my phone to do so much anymore. I'll be following along cloes to see your Blogsy posts and how you really like the new maps!