Thursday, September 6, 2012

Power wash day...

Had to move the motorhome about 6 feet forward this morning, as there was an underground problem with the sewer pipes here at the Park...

Here is the problem child in the picture below... notice how the chunk of pipe is caved in. This sewer line actually runs right below our rear jacks on the back of the RV. There was so much weight on the jacks, it pushed a chunk of cement block, down into the ground, and it squashed the pipe. Our Park Owner, Ron, spent the morning digging it all out, and now has it all finished up, and good to go!

Some nice Lady at the Woodstock Hospital took 5 little tubes of blood out of my arm this morning for regular blood work that my Dr. ordered up... she was smiling as she did it... does she not know??? (It hurts!)

After helping Kristina with a load of yard waste this morning, we decided it was time to power wash their deck again, now that we have the new stairs all finished. I had brought the power washer back with me from our last trip to Ottawa.

Kristina and I cleaned up the deck using the tag team approach to power washing. Not hard to tell what part has been done, and what has not!


Oh, by the way, those are ear protectors, not the latest fad in ear ware that the young people are wearing...

Check this out below... we have a new neighbour that pulled into the park from Alberta. Hey, what a trailer they have. That is a 2,500 lb. power boat sitting up on the top, while that white Escalade you see behind the trailer, drives right up underneath the boat!

The owner was telling me the whole trailer, SUV, and boat combination weighs around 13,000 lbs. You need big time towing capacity to haul that around. That is why you see the tag wheels on the coach! You need the tag wheels you get the towing capacity of a coach over the 10,000 lbs. mark. The owner loves to go fishing, and with this combination, you can have it all! Oh... in case you are wondering, a push of one button lowers that boat right down to the bed of the trailer, and then you launch the boat as you would any boat on a trailer. Just got to remember to get that Caddy out of the way first! Yikes!

Next stop form them is the east coast, and then heading down to Florida, and over to Texas! They get around!

Till tomorrow...


  1. I have never seen a trailer like that, It is pretty creative.

  2. that is quite the boat and truck combo!!!

  3. That's some trailer he has. Nice job you both did on the deck. Have a Great Friday!

  4. That sure is an amazing trailer combo. I was wondering what mileage he gets hauling that then I realized with all those toys he probably doesn't have to worry about it.

    Nice job with the power washer. Just reminds me that I skipped doing it on our deck this year and it shows!