Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blogger Day Off!

Simply took life easy today, you would almost think I was retired or something... hardest thing I did today was answer a couple of emails from my good Friend Gerard, and set up a golf game for Tuesday afternoon! Can't wait!

Judy decided to go for a walk this afternoon, but I was simply whipped, so just stayed home, and watched as the Europeans beat the Americans on the last day of the Ryder Cup. The Americans kind of folded up like a cheap tent! Was great to watch though...

Tiger Woods was playing in the last match, but he would not have a chance to pull off the big win for the Americans, as it was already lost, and what he did meant really nothing...

It was fun to watch though, and it was great to have the big crowd in Chicago chearing they way they were...the players really responded to it. You would almost of thought a Hockey Game was going on!

That was about it for today...

Till tomorrow...


  1. Yes, the Ryder Cup results for the USA leaves many of us puzzled. The Europeans get to keep the cup for another two years till the next match up.

    Hey, you're entitled to a 'blog break'....cause, who's going to fire you for not producing one?


  2. That's the problem with retirement we never get a day off, so just have to call in sick! Relax and enjoy it.

  3. I can't believe how poorly we played yesterday. I say...the best men won!