Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall has arrived...

Yes, the first day of Fall arrived, and it kind of felt like it here...

It rained here all last night, but the sun did come out for a bit today, with a lot of wind though to blow things around a bit! Leaves have started to change, nothing like the photo above, but we will soon get there.

We had 23 days this past summer with the temperature over 30 deg. C. That is one long hot summer for sure! Probably one of the better summers around here for a long time.

We ended up in Woodstock this morning, with me babysitting Gwenny, as Judy and Kristina were out shopping and Chris was helping out a friend. Gwenny is getting kind of wild in her old age and is show signs of getting serious about learning how to walk... I took this real short video to show you some progress she has made. My prediction is that she will be walking by the time we leave on Nov. 1st for Florida!

Not much else on the go today, other than a nice walk in the woods...

Till tomorrow...



  1. Oh yeah, that Gwenny will be on the run in no time. Very cute.

  2. I agree! I bet she'll be walking by the middle of Oct,

  3. WOW...that fall photo is GORGEOUS!!!

    That little one is going to have you all moving! And I mean real fast!

  4. You're going to have great leaf pictures in a few weeks. I loved seeing the leaves in New England one year. Just beautiful. First day of Autumn and it was 106 here. Not Fall weather yet.

  5. Wow! Gwenny sure looks ready to be off and running hands free anytime soon. Sure some signs of fall showing up her in BC also. Have a great Sunday!

  6. Yep cold this morning, 0 c , soon time for the leaves to change real quick now and hit the road soon too.

  7. I'm betting Gwenny will be walking by the end of September - yes, just one week from now! She's doing great.

    Your first picture is absolutely spectacular - what colours!