Friday, September 7, 2012

Feel Good Friday...

When I worked at the Bank, man, I used to love Friday Afternoons... my favourite work day of the week. Why does everyone feel so good at the end of the week???

We loaded up the bicycles this morning and headed into Woodstock, and picked up Kristina and Gwenny, and headed out for a ride!


Kristina is getting her all tied into the bike seat, helmut firmly on! Great day for a ride!

Gwenny like going over the bridge on the bike trail system...

We stopped at a little kid's park along the way, and did Gwenny every have some serious fun!

Gwenny simply loves a slide... she will do anything to go on a slide! Check out the pic above, and I am going to put in a very short video below, both taken on Kristina's new IPhone 4! She just upgraded her cell phone, and loves the new toy...

This video above just kills me... how can anyone have that much fun in 5 seconds! Makes you heart feel all warm and fuzzy just watching it!

Had a chance to talk to Emmie tonight in Ottawa... she just finished her first full day of kindergarten! Wow... was she excited... told us all about her day! Check it out!


Emmie loves to pose for the camera... looks like it was a nice day in Ottawa this morning...

Shawn and Jenn took Emmie to the School, along with Paige, to check it all out! Paige of course, wants to do everything her older sister does now!

Jenn was telling us that this school is only 3 years old, so it is pretty nice inside! Good luck Emmie!

All reports came back very positive, and Emmie even took the School bus home this afternoon by herself!

Till tomorrow...



  1. What cute pictures and video of Gwenny. She looks so grown up with that bike helmet on. What a fun time.

  2. Nice story about Emmie's first day at school. Time sure flies because we remember when we took our two kids to their first kindergarten classes. Lovely photos of all grand kids - Gwenny too.

  3. That smile on Gwenny's face on the slide is priceless!
    Emmie looks like quite the big girl in her first-day school outfit.

  4. Emmie looks very grown up with her shoulder bag going off to school - I'll be she was very excited.

    I showed the video clip of Gwenny to Paulette and her comment - 'Adorable'!! I'll second that.