Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What a difference a day makes!

After a fab Labor Day Weekend, wow... what a change. We had major rain today, but don't get me wrong, we needed it here! Everyone wanted it! We had a torrential rainfall, for the majority of the afternoon. Judy and I simply stayed inside and enjoyed a movie we had on the PVR, as you would be soaked the minute you walked out the door! It did clear up later in the afternoon, and we went into Woodstock to take in a bit of shopping, and keeping the economy going!

Back on Friday of last week, we made a bicycle trip into Woodstock from our RV Park. Kind of a neat trail that follows an old abandoned rail way line. It looks a little overgrown in the picture above, but in reality it is not, and is very easy to bike on, and is flat!


Don't I have just a great butt above???

As you can tell by now, Judy had the camera on her bike, and was following me into Woodstock. It is nice, you get to ride beside and bunch of farm fields, and also through the trees, so there is shade along the trail to keep you cool.

It is about an 8 klm. ride into Town, and then we biked over to visit Chris and Kristina. They were not home of course, but we did get our exercise in. This trail go further north than our Park, and that is for the next bike ride!

Till tomorrow...


  1. nice that you got out and enjoyed the bike ride!!

  2. A nice ride thru the countryside into town, a great way to spenda couple hours.

  3. Love those "end" shots. And we could sure use some of that rain here in MT.

  4. A short downpour would be welcome out here on the coast - it's been a while. Nice to see you and Judy out on your bikes!