Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sigh..... I messed up!


Yup, I messed up... today when Judy asked me what I had on my agenda, I said, "sure would like to drive up and attend the last Bike Night of the year, up in Gravenhurst!" She said, "Hey, why don't we jump on the bikes and go!" Just the answer I wanted to hear!

So, we get all our stuff together to make the overnight trip, planning on coming home tomorrow, and are set to head off! I go out and off load our bikes out of our trailer. We load all our stuff on, and I go to start up my Honda, and right away I notice.... ooooopppppsssss, the ignition key is already in the "on" position! WHAT! No one around to blame but myself.... :-(

Freak out time, as I quickly realized that I had put the motorcycle away 3 days ago, and left the key turned on! That means the headlight was left on! That means the battery is dead as a door nail! RATS......

I thought I might be able to get the bike running, however with all the new electronics, it needs a fully charged battery to work properly. I ended up using my trickle charger, which took about 4 hours to complete, so we were not able to make our trip today! Oh well... next year!

Above is a picture from Muskoka Wharf, in Gravenhurst, where the bike night is held! It is a great spot, right on Lake Muskoka.

By late this afternoon, I had the bike running again, with the battery all charged and ready to go...

Till tomorrow.



  1. ouch...that sucks for sure...but glad all is resolved and your ready to roll safe and enjoy!!!!

  2. So sorry you missed your bike night. Good attitude though...get the next year.

  3. too bad you missed out! year!

  4. At least you did save a few bucks! Sure looks like a nice place for a bike night.

  5. Opps, these things happen, better luck next time.

  6. Crazy how things like that can happen sometimes. Unlike motorcycles of old, we can't even start them with a push. All the new electronics and technology make that impossible.

    On the upside is the fact that you have a well charged battery though!