Sunday, September 23, 2012

Taken over by the cult???

This weekend our RV Park was invaded! That is what happens when people start buying RV's...

No, you are not seeing double in the picture above... we had 10 of these units come in for the weekend. Obviously they were out on a nice fall tour in our area. Although it turned out maybe a little cooler in the temperature department than what they wanted. At least they were able to use the great rec hall we have here at the park for their meals and meetings. Each one of these units were identicle!

This afternoon we got a nice surprise, when we received a phone call from John and Pat up in Alliston, telling us they were on the way down for a visit! Perfect!

Kristina and Chris invited us all into the house for dinner, as Chris made up this big pot of homemade soup, out of the garden!

Pat made sure she got a bunch of "Gwenny" time in. Gwenny was in fine form performing for us all!

They were having a real good old time...
Judy took the dinner picture of us all enjoying Chris' soup! Excellent
We enjoyed the visit, great to see them again. We made several attempts to convince John and Pat they need to come down to Florida this winter! We will see, here is hoping!

Till tomorrow...


  1. You sure were invaded. How could all those RVs that look alike end up in the same park? Were they having a rally or something?

  2. There was a Country Coach outing where we are staying this weekend. About a dozen of these HUGE rigs, but they were all friendly and not noisy.

    Cute pix of Gwenny.

  3. I'll bet that soup for dinner was really good being right out of the garden!

    Interesting invasion at your RV park.

    Gwenny sure does have a happy life!

  4. Nice to see bunch of class "B" rv'ers having fun together. We enjoyed ours for 7 years.
    The soup was perfect for todays' weather.

  5. We had four or five of the RV America RVs at our park a few weeks ago. It looked so strange to see them all lined up together!