Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day tripping down to Barrie...

Beautiful day up here today in Muskoka, lots of sun, and maybe 24 deg. C. today. Not bad at all for mid-Sept.
This afternoon we all loaded into David and Angela's Ford Escape, and decided to head down to the Georgian Mall in Barrie. This is always one busy mall!
Ooooppsss, please ignore the snow in the picture below of the mall.... using file pictures of course...
We all enjoyed the afternoon, with Angela and Judy taking off on their own and keeping the economy going, while David and I went over to check out things at Future Shop in Barrie.

As usual, stuff was just falling off the shelf in Future Shop... Crazy! Should have bought one of these stores long ago!

We were just over there kicking tires for something to do this afternoon, while Judy and Angela were spending money...

One thing we did look at was the new Ford Escape... pictured above. I did not really like it, as I think it looks more like a crossover car, rather than an SUV. But, this is all personal choice of course...

They had one of these 302 Boss Ford Mustangs on the lot, but I also did not really like the Red over the Black they way they did it... I don't know, I guess I am getting old or something, now that I am over 60. I am into the more traditional stuff... Love the Mustang, just not the paint!

One thing that did impress me, was it was not hard to find a car that got over 50 miles per gallon on the lot! Many of the Ford's, now get over 50! Crazy. Makes my Jeep look sick at about 20 Miles per Gallon!


We eventually made our way back to Bracebridge, about an hour's drive, and enjoyed a great BBQ Steak Dinner put on by David and Angela... WOW... Took the pic above of the flowers on their back deck... turned out to be a beautiful evening....

These two houses on the left, have just been built, and are not finished off yet inside, right beside David and Angela's place... You are looking at the back yards of course... lawns were just laid down this weekend.

Will be back on the road tomorrow...don't want to push our luck staying here any longer! Had a great time, and will be back to Bracebridge!

Till tomorrow...


  1. I have never heard of a Future Shop. What is it?
    Give me flowers any them.

  2. John I just think you're trying to razz those of us that can't escape that white stuff for the winter. LOL. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Future Shop..Best Buy!..gotta love all the techno stuff in those stores! is there a new 'vehicle in your future'?

  4. I've never liked that red/black combination in cars. Especially interiors. I've seen Ford dashes done in red & black years ago & always thought they were totally ugly. Guess Ford doesn't have any women on the their design teams eh. Ya, too bad about the poor gas mileage in our Jeeps alright.

  5. A nice area of Ontario to visit, glad you had a great time, travel safely.

  6. I don't get the two tone paint either. To me, the paint cheapens the look (value too) of the the car. Like you, I am a traditionalist.

  7. Since no one likes the paint job on the Mustang - give it to me, ok!!

    Vrooom, Vrooooom!