Sunday, September 9, 2012

Road Trip Sunday!

Our weather turned a bit cooler today, after all the rain yesterday... a bit of sun but not much...

We were invited up to Kitchener this afternoon, by good friends, Deb and Gerard. They were back home fresh from an extended stay at their cottage, and just wanted to cook us up a great dinner!

We had a great afternoon with them, discussing everything from A to Z! We got talking about vacation trips gone by, and one in particular, a trip to Margarite Island, one WEEK before I required heart bypass surgery! Yikes.... No, I didn't know I needed surgery, or even had a heart problem while we were on the trip! Sure glad though, that I did not get sick down there! Would rather take my chances on a Canadian Hospital! Anyways, we had a great time going over the pictures on Deb's Mac Book of that trip, and all the crazy things we got into! Great memories!

Also it is great to see Gerard in good health! He has had many personal challenges in the past year, and is in good health now! Fantastic!

Tomorrow, we are loading up the RV...(wait a minute, it is already loaded...) and heading for a few days back up to Ottawa. Kristina and Gwenny are going on the Road Trip with us, so here is a warning to the Hollinger Gang in Ottawa... watch out, we are coming!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Good health is a blessing!

    Enjoy the RVing trip to Ottawa. Sounds like a nice visit to come.

  2. So fun that Gwenny gets to go too. Bet she will have a blast.

  3. Enjoy your road trip to Ottawa, especially fun with Kristina and Gwenny. Are you going to the International Plowing Match its in Roseville this September 18 to 22. always a fun day with so much to do.