Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A big day in Ottawa...

Whew... what a day we ended up having today. Turned out to be a beautiful one again, with lots of sun and nice temperatures.

When I woke up this morning, someone said "Happy Birthday" to me... and it seems it is! How can that happen! Bit of a milestone this year, as I hit the big Six Oohhh.... Although there is good news, as now I can collect Canada Pension! Bring it on!

Best part of the day was to be able to spend it with our Family Members and the Grands! Started of this morning with Paige and Gwenny who wanted to go to the park of course!

Kid's just love the park... this one just down the road from the house.
Emmie was in school all day today, but Judy got to meet her as she came home by School Bus...
Below she is walking from the bus with Lita, who is the kid's Nanny.

When I was asked today what or where I wanted to go for dinner tonight, the answer right away, was "out to the RV for a macaroni and cheese dinner!" One of my favourite dinners! Turned out to be a real nice evening, and we sat outside to eat... below all the kid's are singing "Happy Birthday" to Pop Pop!

After dinner all the kid's wanted to go back to the park at our campground... away we go!

Nice way to finish off the day with all the girls around on your Birthday! It was a blast!

Till tomorrow...


  1. happy 60th birthday to you!!..hello canada pension!!!

  2. Happy birthday! Wishing you many more years of blessing and fun:-)

  3. Happy birthday! Wishing you many more years of blessing and fun:-)

  4. Happy Birthday, old man! Welcome to the 60's!

    I read your last 2 blogs this evening and it looks like the Grands are having a terrific time together. I'll bet Gwenny loves having another couple of girls around to play with.

    Love the mac 'n cheese idea!

    You are a lucky 60 year old to have such a wonderful and beautiful family. But, I suppose you know that much better than me!

  5. What a great picture of you with the three girls. Nice to be able to spend the "big one" with the Grands. Just one question - was there ketchup for the mac & cheese?

  6. Happy Birthday! Nothing like doing exactly what you want to do on your birthday. I could go for some Mac and Cheese right about now, haven't had any in years.

  7. Happy 60th birthday! Not bad eh, you turn 60 and you receive a wage increase too. What's not to like?

    Lovely time you two are having with your family in Ottawa. It is as it should be,fun!

  8. Happy birthday!
    What a lovely day with family. =]

  9. Happy Birthday Buddy,great picture!

  10. Happy Happy Birthday, John !!

    We love reading your blog, because of your wonderful close-knit family.

    You truly seem to enjoy every moment and every day with them and each other.

    Hugs, Trent and Teresa