Monday, September 3, 2012

Now that was one hot Labour Day!

Phew... one hot day to end of summer here! Well over 30 deg. C. again! Will this summer ever end?

Today turned into a Pop Pop and Granny day, as Chris and Kristina wanted to spend the day out working in their garden! It is harvest time you know! With pleasure we took Gwenny on for the day and had a ball!

Started off on the tetertotter if there is such a word! Lots of kids at South Side Park today!


Gwenny wanted to bring this bike over and try it out at Grand Bend, but I told her "no"...

Gwenny really enjoyed this roller slide, so I shot the quick video...

Gwenny liked being at the RV, as she slept this afternoon for over 3 hours! Our Park had free lunch today, with all the food left over from the big Turkey Dinner last night! Love the left overs!


Good thing Mom was not around to police lunch time, cause it got a bit messy! We had to bring Gwenny back home for 5:00 p.m. this afternoon, and were told supper would be served! Perfect!


Chris and Kristina made up a big "ole" pot of chilli, and we all enjoyed. Chris's Mom and Dad just got back from a European Vacation, so they joined as well. Chris' brother Kevin and Wife, Ramona finished the group off, for a great evening of fellowship and great food!

Glad I did not have to do any real "labour" today!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Gwenny looks like she is doing a pretty good job feeding herself. Too cute!
    Turkey dinner leftovers...YUMMMMMMY!

  2. I can't believe you could possibly say "no" to anything that cutie pie wants. But it might be hard to get that one home.

  3. Glad to see Gwenny enjoyed the slide and she really was digging into her lunch from the looks of it too!!

    Chili sounds like a perfect end to your day.

  4. Was not too hot here at the farm a few minutes away. Lots shade and a nice breeze across the fields. But still very nice.
    Leftovers for lunch and chili for supper with family sounds like a great day!

  5. What a nice day out alone with Gwenny! Like your geographic area, the west coast is experiencing some really nice early fall weather. No complaints on that front.