Saturday, September 29, 2012

Yes, the floor is finished!

Back into Woodstock this morning, to put the last coat of Verathane on the hardwood floor in the 3rd bedroom! Whew... 4 days it took from start to finish, but it sure turned out nice, and should last for a while. Last spring when I did Gwenny's room, the floor still looks like I just finished it, so this is good!

So, this job is put to bed! I no sooner took the brush out of my hand, and Kristina started talking about how a new colour for the walls she picked out would look absolutely fantastic! Seems like the work may not be quite done yet! Oh well....

When they bought this home a couple years ago, they had a nice new airtight woodstove installed into the living room. It works real good in the winter... problem is....


... problem is... YIKES, Gwenny is ready to walk now, and could walk right into the fireplace! This will never do, will it! Kristina put on her thinking cap, which includes picking up her Mac Computer, and came up with the following solution to this problem...

No more danger of her falling against the fireplace, or the brick! Kristina ordered this safety gate/fence from down in the U.S. of A. If you look at the very front, there is an actual gate you can open, and walk through to get to the fireplace........ Nice solution, as you still get to enjoy your fire!


After the work was done today, we still had time to play, as we got out for an hour on a local walking trail, and even found time to take the motorcycles out and get over to Thamesford and back. Yes, it is fall, and there was lots of colour, but it was a nice warm afternoon to enjoy a bike ride.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Great job on the floor John. The problem with being retired is that those that are not think they need to keep you busy. Sometimes they forget that you enjoy time for yourself. Sound like your kids? I was describing mine. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Great job on the floor. Looks like new!

    Way to use your creativity with the fireplace safety net. Hope she isn't a hurdler...hehe

  3. Nice looking floer and great that you got to enjoy some of this great fall weather.
    The fireplace solution looks like a good idea too, those airtight stoves can get pretty hot.

  4. The old floor looks just like new - great job!

    I like the idea of the gate on that woodstove - those things are too tempting for little ones.