Sunday, September 2, 2012

It's a guy thing, you have to understand!

NO BLOG on Saturday.... what happened????

Well, as it turned out, I just was far to busy on Saturday , and was unable to put the blog together. What was I doing? Glad you's a guy thing!

I spent the day over at Grand Bend, to take in "Thunder on the Beach!"

This event happens every Labour Day Long Weekend, and is put on by The Grand Bend Motoplex. It's a real DRAG!

OK guys, lets get you blood pumping as a couple alcohol burning nastalgic Funny Cars do a burn out... classic!

I headed over around 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, which was a perfect day for racing...sunny and hot. I met some friends from Woodstock at the track, and got into some serious racing!
I had never seen such a big crowd as this weekend at this track. Thousands came out in the nice weather to watch. They had all the big boys out with the big toys for this weekend! Had a blast! Check out these motorcycles below, as they do a 1/4 mile run at 150 MPH in just under 10 seconds! They were fast!

I ended up staying at the track for 2 rounds of qualifying races, and did not leave till after 9:00 at night. It is great to watch them race after dark... lots of flames.

Just to add to the show they invited this International Truck to come and race... you have never seen a truck like this before... check the video below, as it does the 1/4 mile at over 225 MPH!

What a day! I enjoyed! After I got home late, I found Judy's Brother, Howard and Wife Terri had found their way to our RV. They were out driving around the country looking at RV's to possibly buy. They ended up staying the night! Great to see them, and yes, it was a little late to bed last night!

Terri is searching for RV's on our iPad, while Howard is reviewing pics of ones they already looked at! RV shopping is fun!

Tonight our Park Owners put on the big Harvest Turkey Dinner! This is the side view of the BBQ they use to cook 4 large turkeys at once!

Rec Hall is all decorated below for din din...
The kids came out and enjoyed the turkey dinner with us! It was real good!

Phew, busy couple days... but a lot of fun!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Its been a long time since I have been to the drags in Grand Bend. RV shopping can also be a fun experience as well.

  2. You and Jim would get along so well. He used to drive dragsters when he was much much younger.

  3. I would have been in attendance at the drag races...but, given a choice, I prefer Formula 1 style racing.

    You did have a great day though!

  4. That was one big BBQ! Must have been to cook 4 turkeys at once.

    Car racing, drag racing is one 'guy thing' that has never appealed to me for some reason. Can't say why, but although most guys love it, I doubt I'd ever go even if it was free.