Monday, September 17, 2012

Visitation day...

It is 9:30 this evening, and we just got off the good old highway, and are back home at the RV. Had a terrific day.

Started off with Breakfast with David, and after saying goodbyes, we headed out to Housie Rapids, where we spent an hour with Judy's Brother Bob, and wife Kate. It was good catching up with them, and meeting their new kitty PK.

PK is about 6 months old, and is quite the cat... they keep him on a short leash! They live out in the bush!

I had to make a phone call into Gravenhurst, but had to stand up on the deck to get a cell phone signal! Good old Bell came through though!

It was such a nice morning out, we sat under the big shade.

We headed into Gravenhurst in time for lunch. I headed directly to the Royal Bank Branch that I retired from, and met up with Tara the Manager. We headed down to the Gravenhurst Opera House and enjoyed lunch at the Rotary Club. I was a member of this Club for 10 years, and it was sure good to meet up with all my old Rotarian Friends.

Judy carried on in the Jeep, and headed out to Fenbrook, and Beaver Creek Institutes, which are both Federal Prisions where she used to work! She met up with all her friends and enjoyed a walk with them, before heading back into Town for some lunch.


I found the picture above of Judy's good Friend Mary, from the Prison. Hard at work of course! They all worked in the Office that controlled Finances at the Prisons.

After leaving Gravenhurst, we made the 1/2 hour drive down to Orillia, and met up with Judy's Brother Gary, and wife Shelly. Had a great visit and caught up with them! They are flying down to Florida for a week this winter, so will probably see them in Orlando in December!

Nope, we were not done! Picked up a couple pizza's and headed over and had dinner with my Mother! She was glad to see us, and we all got caught up on lots of suff while enjoying the pizza.

3 hours and a bit later, and we were back in Woodstock!

Lots of rain in the forecast for this coming week... yuck!

Till tomorrow...


  1. I love the leashed cat! It cracks me up, but I've seen a lot of people do it when they live near wild animals.

  2. Nice to visit old friends but you sure got a lot of driving done today.

  3. Reading your headline I thought you may have got yourself thrown in the clink for something.

    Glad to see it was all routine and you and Judy were just making the rounds visiting friends.