Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to Ottawa!

If it seems like we just blogged about being in Ottawa, well, your right! This time though, Kristina and little Gwenny joined us on this run, and we will spend a few day visiting with the Hollinger Gang here...

We are staying at the Ottawa Municipal RV Park, which is only a 10 minute drive to the house. Kristina and Gwenny will stay at the house, while Judy and I will tuff it out in the RV. Supposed to go to 5 deg. C. tonight...brrrrrr! Good thing we have heat, and a new fireplace in the RV!

Today you could not ask for a better day to drive. It takes about 7 hours, depending on how long you stop along the way.

We did stop for lunch at one of the new Ontario Onroute Rest Stops on Hwy. 401. These are new supercenter type rest stops with everything you can imangine. All kinds of different foods and treats available, with full gas and diesel to keep you going. They set aside about five acres of land available to drive your RV right up to a nice concrete pad, and concrete picnic table, and enjoy your lunch/dinner. That is what we did. Patra even got out to enjoy the nice sunshine today at lunch. Gwenny was eating us out of RV and home!

Kristina made sure Gwenny got lots of exercise during lunch stop.

Gwenny was well taken care of by Granny in the RV, as Kristina was our co-pilot on the journey.
We made it right on time for dinner, after setting the RV up at the Park. Jenn had a great dinner all set for us, that we all enjoyed. Thanks Jenn!


Emmie and Paige were just going crazy after they met Gwenny! They had a ball together.

All three of them jumped into the tup at bath time together even! Gwenny was a bit freaked out at the Barbie dolls in the bath, just wasn't used to that!


It was beautiful outside this evening, so Shawn started up a fire out on the deck that we all enjoyed for an hour or so! You needed a sweater though...

Paige and Emmie couldn't get enough of playing around with Kristina!

Over the years, I have taught Shawn everything I know about being a fire master! He has learned well!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Wow, seeing all the girls playing in the tub brought back lots of good memories or our daughters. Enjoy your time together!

  2. I can't believe how well Gwenny travels. Wonderful!
    That bath tub shot is so precious.

  3. A long travel dy to Ottawa, but great weather and fun times with the family.

  4. love the shot of the girls in the tub..I miss those days or nights!..nice job on the taught him well!

  5. rub-a-dub-dub three girls in a tub. Haha, cute. Glad the trip is going well.

  6. aww how the tub pic....glad the trip is going well...