Saturday, September 8, 2012

When it rains.... it is time to clean!

Lost a bit of sleep last night, due to heavy rain, that seemed to me to go all night! When you live in an RV, you are going to hear the rain! While we do have a nice 1 piece fibreglass roof, you can hear the rain when it hits, and it hit pretty hard, for most of the night!

We just took life easy this morning, enjoying coffee with the rain coming down. It stopped shortly after 9:00 this morning, and it looked like it might clear up a bit. I decided that it might not be a bad day, to clean the RV's roof! This past week we cleaned up the deck at Chris and Kristina's, and the pressure washer was real handy, so why not! I usually do this job once a year.


The problem is, that all those nice trees you see behind and beside the motorhome, leave a black pitch on your nice white roof. It builds up over the course of the year, depending on how long you are parked by trees. Never seems to be a problem in California, out in the desert!


There you go, a nice white roof again. I would imagine keeping the roof white, will also keep the RV cooler inside, as black will tend to draw the heat. I did not take a before picturer, but it was almost like a medium grey colour up there. One thing for sure, the pressure washer makes short work of the job!

More wind and rain in the forcast for this evening!

Till tomorrow...


  1. We did have rain all last night and most of the day. It is now 7:00 and beautiful.
    We love trees, but like you, they can be very dirty. The roof looks great!

  2. Nice job on the roof and I'm glad to see you didn't fall off. Those roofs can be very slippery!

  3. Lookin' good. When we had the motorhome the rain falling on the roof was so loud we could hardly talk to each other. Much quieter (even though it's still loud) in the fiver.

  4. Good job on the roof, time to do ours too. We love the sound of a heavy rain on the roof, knowing we are dry inside.

  5. I have always loved falling asleep to the sound of rain, but wow, not in this thing. The sound is amplified and keeps us awake!

  6. Must be roof cleaning week. I just did mine and read on another Blog that they had done theirs.