Thursday, September 20, 2012

Clean up day...

So much for our nice summer weather that we enjoyed all summer... fall has hit us hard!

I knew it must be getting close to the end of this season, when I saw the pool Company come into our Park today to close up the pool for another year! Yuck!

It wasn't raining this morning, and Judy had gone in to babysit Gwenny for a bit, as Kristina was out shopping, so I decided to do some clean up on the motorhome... Seems we hit a bunch of bugs driving over to Ottawa and back a week ago.

Took me all morning to get it cleaned up, but we got there! No, that is not our motorhome below... but sure looks just like it!


This afternoon I spent cleaning out my electronics cabinet of needless wires and junk, and must of removed 50 lbs. from the RV! That was about it for today!

Till tomorrow...



  1. And our pool is just cooling off enough to be able to use it here in AZ. Wish Jim would clean out some of his wires and junk.

  2. I think our pool will be closing any day now too. It makes me sad!

  3. What will Gwenny do with herself without the pool to play in?

    Love the photo of 'not our motorhome' ;)

  4. Yep its cooling down, and we are all getting ready to soon hit the road on our migration, can't wait.

  5. When I saw that photo of the MH, I thought maybe you were selling the 'shirts off your back' to buy some fuel to fill that sucker up.