Monday, September 24, 2012

Google in little old Woodstock???

Turned out to be not too bad a day today, lots of sun this morning, but on the cooler side at only a high of 16 degrees C. today. Judy went into Woodstock to help out Kristina this morning, as I stayed behind to do the laundry! Yes, I can tell the difference between dark cloths and whites... no problem... a bit of soap, a couple Bounce Sheets, and we are good to go!

Ride on....Gwenny!


I took the motorcycle out for a spin later in the morning, and to my surprise I saw the car pictured below... seems Google Maps was out do some work in Woodstock! Guess they have to do it sometime!

From what I am reading, people in general are not impressed with the new "Maps" program, that came with iOS 6 Software release for the iPad and the iPhone5. Seems a lot of places are kind of "mis-placed" on the maps. One thing I know for sure, it is not a good replacement for a street GPS. Motion X is a much better GPS program as far as I am concerned anyways... more information available to you, and better choice of POI's on Motion X.

Sorry to hear of the passing of Sam Sniderman today at the young age of 92! Sam, better known as "Sam, the Record Man" in Toronto was an iconic figure in Ontario, and perhaps all of Canada. He opened the store you see below on Yonge Street in Toronto, back in the 1940's and began selling records! It was "the place to be" if you were looking for music in Toronto! All the Musicians used to hang out here... like Burton Cummings of The Guess Who! Also Ann Murray was often seen in the store. At one time, Sam the Record man sold 20% of all records sold in Canada! The store closed a couple years ago, and left a big hole on Yonge St.

Many years ago, I can recall going into the Store on a visit to Toronto, but I cannot remember if I bought any music or not! With the way music is downloaded today, we will never see, or visit Stores like this one again!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Glad to hear they are keeping the neon records up. Never, heard of him, but when I'm in Toronto, I'll go looking for those spinning discs.

  2. Google is everywhere!!

    I've heard of Sam the Record Man too. I guess those kinds of stores are history now.

  3. From 1967 to 1970 I worked at the Bay St Bus terminal in Toronto, midnight shift. And would walk by Sam's on Yonge St. almost every night. Loved the lit up signs and the store was amazing. Good memories for sure.
    A couple doors down was Dandy's where I could get a a huge hot dog 24 hours a day for less than a dollar.

  4. I read with a touch of sadness about Sam the Record Man. I suppose he lived a good long life. Was truly what you could call an "icon".
    I don't mind google taking their pictures, I can see my house from here!

  5. I so often traveled to Toronto on business and would often hole up at the Sutton Place Hotel. I often walked by the famous 'Sam The Record Man' store on Young Street. It is an ICON gone. He live a pretty full life though!

  6. I am totally unimpressed with the new Maps program on my iPad and iPhone. Luckily I still have NAVFree Canada and USA.

    Google maps are so good and in street view as it was taken a few years ago, my daughter and grandson and Michael were in photos outside our respective residences. I had my daughter and grandson removed by requesting Google to remove them from the photos. They did.