Thursday, September 27, 2012

Summer is back????

Today turned out to be a real nice day... almost good enough to be call Indian Summer! Sunny and 18 Deg. C. today, so very nice. However, I was inside working all day on the floors... oh well, they are getting close. Today, I finished up all the sanding, which is the worst of all the jobs, and cleaned it all up, just in time to put the coat of stain on! Tomorrow, the finishing will start! More pictures to come.

Judy took care of Gwenny today, giving Kristina some time to work around sorting stuff at home. They had a blast of course!

They spent the afternoon out at the RV, so Gwenny was away from all the mess and fuss the floor work produces.

Kristina was hanging around with them a bit, and enjoyed the slide with Gwenny.

Oooopppssssss, major blurr above with the cellphone picture, but we did enjoy a real nice steak dinner tonight.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Nice that the floor is shaping up, the sanding is the worst part.
    Perfect day for a steak dinner, we had one too!

  2. Nice summer-like days in late September are real special. I guess it won't be too long before Gwenny will be spending quite a few months mostly indoors.