Friday, September 28, 2012

Mix up Friday... lots of stuff happening...

What a beautiful day it was today! Sunny and well over 20 degrees C. Hope this hangs in to the end of October! (Ya, right...)

Went into Woodstock first thing this morning and put the first coat of Polyurethane on the hardwood floor... it is coming along very nice, and just needs one more coat tomorrow...


I was laughing as I pulled this first picture off my smart phone this evening, getting ready to put this post together... what a lousy picture! No, not Judy, just the lousy picture... which I took...

Not all pictures turn out great on phones, and this one lacked a lot of needed light... and too much back light! What a mess! However it made the blog because of the activity! Judy is wrapping up CHRISTMAS Presents this afternoon! Santa does live in Woodstock!

Just because our Jeep is now 6 years old, it does not mean it has to look 6 years old! After the floor job was finished this morning, it was so nice out, I washed, and waxed the Jeep! This vehicle receives a lot of abuse, especially while in California... but still comes out looking like it belongs on the showroom floor! Mothers paste wax did a fantastic job today! Now it is ready for the very harsh winters in Florida!

Kristina sent me this picture of Gwenny below, taken at the Library with her iPhone. Gwenny just loves the train set that they have for kids to play with...

Today is Chris' birthday! Judy and I came in and helped them celebrate with dinner tonight, and we will be baby sitting as they head out to Chris' Parents place for a pizza party later this evening... last night in their old house, move to the new one tomorrow! Judy and I got Chris a set of car ramps that you see in the picture, just behind little Gwenny. Chris likes to do oil changes on the cars, so these will come in handy!

Before we had dinner tonight, Kristina was folding up a bunch of laundry she had finished, and Gwenny now has to help her Mom fold up the diapers! Way to go Gwenny!

For a while tonight we could not find Balzac, the cat, but soon found him in one of the present bags! Check out his eyeballs!

As promised, a real mish mash tonight...

Till tomorrow...


  1. You know what is really great? Realizing that I remember when Gwenny was born. Continuity in this blogging world isn't always a given, but as I was enjoying your blog this evening, I realized when it is there, I really like the feeling. She sure is growing up!

  2. Gwenny is really growing and starting to move around a lot.

    Cats just seem to love being in tight places and bags seem to be their favourite.

    Be Safe and Enjoy

    It's about time.

  3. I like train sets too, looks like fun!
    A little cleaning and some wax makes a huge difference for sure.

  4. nice job on the jeep!..harsh winters in Florida? that's a funny one!
    Happy birthday to Chris!..hope he had a great day!!

  5. Nice job on the floor and the Jeep - both look like new.

    Gwenny looks more beautiful every time you post photos of her. She's going to be a handful with presents this Christmas for sure.

  6. excellent job on the floor....and the jeep....Gwenny is getting so big..what a cutie