Thursday, September 13, 2012

All the way back to Woodstock tonight!

Phew... tired tonight! Yes, we made it back at 5:30 tonight into our site at Willow Lake, only to find Son-in-Law Chris standing there with a big bag of Chinese Food! We needed it, after 8 1/2 on the road!

Never got around to completing a blog last night... just too tired and too busy! We had a fantastic time in Ottawa and want to thank Shawn and Jenn and the kid's for hosting us and Kristina. We also had a blast. Also thanks to Nany Lita who helped a lot with our stay.

Everything was going good with our drive today until we hit Toronto of course! 4 Million people, 8 million cars!


Did not get around to taking many pictures today, but have a few left overs.


Yesterday was a beautiful day in Ottawa, and Shawn got home from the Hospital early. He wanted to go swimming with the kids! Now that was cool! I checked the thermometer in the pool, and it was 70 Deg. F. Just a little cool for me... here Emmie is helping him clean the bottom of the pool!


Of course Paige had to get in on the swimming and cleaning routine as well!


Not to be out done, Kristina and Gwenny had to get in on the action!

In the morning, we went with Paige and Lita over to the Stittsville Rec Center for a kindertot program. They have a great bus system, so we all jumped on board, as we could not all fit in the Jeep with all the car seats needed.

Getting ready to board...

Gwenny's first ride on a bus... she loved it!

Paige and Lita chilling out on the bus...

They had lots of stuff for the kid's to play on... turned out they were the only two in the program today... the instructor Lady said it was simply too nice a day out for all the kids to come!

Look at all the exercise I got yesterday! I thought it was for the kid's! Hughhh...

These little cars were a big hit for sure!

Sure was good to enjoy the week in Ottawa. Kristina and Gwenny enjoyed spending a bunch of time with the Hollinger Gang as well!

Anyways, time to shut down for a bit of R&R... but not too much though, as we are off for Bracebridge tomorrow for the Weekend! Going to visit David and Angela!

Till tomorrow...


  1. 8 1/2 hours. Holy cow. I can't even imagine that. We covered 160 miles today and that was almost too much. You definitely get your worth out of every moment.

  2. Don't think I can do 8 1/2 hours on the road, glad you made it safe and sound!

  3. I'm not sure I could even go in a pool with water that cold! Won't be that long before the pool will be skating rink?

    Great pics of the Grands having fun!

  4. You make a pretty darned good kid car pusher. I concur that it was a good exercise. Sure sounds like it was fun - especially for the kids (of all ages).

    Good old Toronto traffic! Eight million cars is about right! Everyone in a hurry to get nowhere fast!

  5. Can't believe you two didn't just pass out after that big day!
    The kids look so cute and that pool looks sooooooo big!

  6. Think I could pass on that 8 1/2 drive along with traffic. Great Son-In-Law you have being there with that Chinese food upon arrival. Enjoy your weekend in Bracebridge.

  7. When we go to Ottawa we make it a two or three day drive each way, much more relaxing. Nice that you had a great time thou.