Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More work on the schedule!

Chris and Kristina have a 3rd bedroom in the upstairs section of the home, and did not get the hardwood floor treatment that I gave Gwenny's room last spring, so this was on the agenda for today. Spent the morning clearing all the office furniture out, as Kristina used this room as an Office for her part time work.

A quick trip over to Total Rental and I secured a drum sander, and an edger. All that was needed was some elbow grease!


This picture above was taken after I made the first pass with the sander... it chewed off a nice layer of the old finish, and left the nice hardwood finish that you see. We will stain this to a little darker colour, and then add a couple clear coats of verathane, and there you go!

Forgot to take the "before" picture, but this floor was in need of a good refinish. Kept me going today!

Will carry on tomorrow with some more finishing sanding, and all the necessary prep work to get it ready for the coat of stain!

That was it for today!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Always something to keep you busy.
    Nice that "work" does not get in the way anymore.
    Gonna look great!

  2. You never seem to stop the floor will be gorgeous hope you will put up an after picture

  3. John, you work harder than a rented mule. It's sure going to look nice when the stain and varathane are on - heck, it looks good now!

  4. nice job with the sander!..carry on and don't work too hard..Kristina and Chris are very lucky to have you around!!