Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How happy are you???


Did you know, that Canada is the second happiest place in the World??? I didn't... although I consider myself very happy! (Especially being retired!)

It seems a poll taken shows that Denmark is the happiest Country in the World to live in, and Canada came in second, with over 90% of our population declaring that they were happy, or very happy with their lives! What is there not to be happy about living in Canada!

I was real happy this morning, as we drove over to London to have our annual physical exam completed at our Dr.'s Office. He says "all is well" as far as both Judy and I are concerned, so this is good new for sure!

Spent some time doing investigative work into our Travel Health Insurance for this winter. My rates will be up higher this year, as I have now hit 60 years of age... rats!

One thing for sure... read all the fine print and the Insurance Policies, to ensure what you are buying is what you want! There are major differences between suppliers!

More work on this is needed, and will let you know what we decide.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Yep, we consider ourselves happy Canuckians. We live in a great country....and we get to RV and snowbird in another great country nearby. What's not to like?

    I turned 60 this year too so I will be interested in your research and decision on the travel insurance policy you will choose. The past few years had us insure with CAA - through BCAA here in BC.

    That your medical checkups were good is great news! Onwards and forwards!

  2. I'm not so happy that you and Rene are only 60!! What a revolting development that was! Still, I feel like 60 so maybe that counts.

    Living in Canada and being retired is definitely something to be happy about for sure - best country in the world!

    Glad to hear your medicals went well.

  3. No doubt Canada is in the top 5 ! Wish I could easily move there with my boys ;-)
    Take care,

  4. Love being Canadian and especially retired,the best job we ever had, but we get no days off!
    Every year our insurance goes up a bit more but still cheaper than staying here in to cold and snow.