Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday Recovery...

With all the excitement the past couple days, what with all the spending going on... and people everywhere shopping... we simply took life very easy today.

We did go down to the Eagle Ridge Mall, just up the road from us, and picked up a couple things... a nice wallet for Judy and a new pair of Dockers Shorts for myself, but that was about it!

We had a great skype call with Gwenny and Mom and Dad tonight who are getting over the shock of a fresh load of snow up in Ontario. Guess winter was not that far away.

Right away I noticed Gwenny had her "Hot Pink" snow suit on... right in fashion that girl!

I didn't even get around to taking a picture today I was so lazy... so borrowed these pictures off Kristina's Blog tonight. Check the pic above... yes, Gwenny could even walk in her snow boots!

Changing gears tonight... did you know your iPad could be bullet proof! I was watching a consumer segment the other night on CTV News out of Toronto, and they were saying that the total Tablet Market is very "bullet proof". Less than 4% of all Tablets have to be returned due to electronic failure! I think that is pretty good, and begs the question, "why buy the extended warrenty"???

No, I don't recomend shooting your iPad to see if it is really bullet proof!

Till tomorrow...



  1. I think the hot pink is Gwenny color!

    That seems like a lot of snow for so early in the season. Hope that isn't a hint of what this winter will be like in Ontario.

  2. poor Gwenny stuck in the snowbelt while Gramma and Grandpa are basking in the sunshine!..she sure looks cute in that hot pink snow suit!

  3. she is such a her winter garb....not gonna shoot my ipad to find out

  4. Gwenny is such a little QT Pie in her little pink snow suit. And walking in snow boots in the snow?? How cool is that?

  5. Glad to hear my iPad is bulletproof because I didn't buy the extended warranty.

    At least Grenny has the right outfit for all that snow. If she falls in a snow bank, she'll be easy to find.

  6. Good to hear about the I pad being bullet proof. I bought the extended warranty for my mac book pro and had it repaired three times under this warranty, glad I bought it. Guess I was one of those that make the warranty pay off.

  7. You bought shorts while that beautiful blue eyed Gwenny wears a snow suit. She is a cutie!