Friday, November 30, 2012

Easy Friday...

After another big day at the Park yesterday, you can imagine life was a bit slower around here today...

This morning I spent cleaning up the Jeep, giving it a good wash, and even waxed it after being egged on by neighbour Wayne from Nova Scotia, who said "hey, it would look a lot better if you waxed it too!" OK, so I had to wax it! He did his truck the other day, so we are trying to out do each.

So you probably figured out by now that I didn't win the Power Ball on Wednesday night... a lucky couple from Mo. did win, and it appears the other ticket was sold in Az. I am not sure what I would have done with a couple hundred million dollars anyways! Probably buy a great big RV!

This afternoon Judy and I did get out and about and do a bit of shopping... one of the big retailers down here in Florida is Bealls.


One thing, you don't have to be a Millionaire to shop at this Outlet Store... their prices are very reasonable. I bought a new pair of "Dockers" mens pants, that sell in Ontario for over $50.00, for the low price of $12.00 here! Hard to believe.

We spent 1/2 an hour later this afternoon in our Resort Pool. This is the first time I have made it to the pool, and I was really impressed. It is heated to about 85 deg. F. which is just about perfect, and is quite large.

Till tomorrow...



  1. yeah gotta love Bealls....TJ Max is a great one too...check it out...

  2. Too bad only two won. It's enough for a lot more. I would have shared it.but alas, althought I bought a ticket in AZ, it wasn't the right one.

  3. Too bad about you not winning the lottery...we didn't either but then we didn't buy a ticket!! Would be nice but can you imagine all the long lost "cousins" coming out of the woodwork?

  4. No lottery winnings, oh well clean and wax your vehicles so that they just look like new.
    Nice that you finally got to enjoy the pool.

  5. I have a ticket on tonight's 649 Lotto draw so who knows? It's only for a few million so it's hardly worth it, right?

  6. Hey, no lottery win but you two are still living the life! Not bad, eh?