Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving...(again...)

Yes, today is the American Thanksgiving, and we enjoyed another great turkey dinner! About 40 members of our Park got together and we all drove over to Lakeland and enjoyed dinner at the Golden Coral!

Our friends Wayne and Carol joined us for the 1/2 hour drive... you cannot see it in the picture above, but there was a major lineup to get in... it went very fast, and everyone was in a great mood!

They had fresh cooked turkey on the buffet tonight... with all the fixins... it was GOOD!


Did not do much else today, Judy was swimming this morning, and I was out touring on my motorcycle.

We did get some great news from Woodstock today, as apparently little Gwenny chose today as the day to show everyone that she really did know how to walk all this time... just proved it today.... hopefully, video is to come, I have my out of Country Reporter working on it!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Save some of that riding for when I get down there....Don and I managed to get my M/C in the 5th wheel...had to remove the steering to secure it and get it out once I get to Lake Wales.....happy to see you are having a good time and good news on the growing family....
    All the Best

  2. Happy Thanksgiving and it's neat you get to celebrate twice. Lots of good food and friends. Great day. And walking. Growing up.

  3. Happy American Thanksgiving to Gwenny on her big day!

  4. Glad you enjoyed your American Thanksgiving, nice size group to celebrate with. How exciting to hear Gwenny is walking. Keep enjoying those bike rides.

  5. another turkey day for you! how great is that and even better news that Gwenny is taking her first steps!!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving get together, with a large crowd too.

  7. I've been watching CNN Breaking News all morning but have yet to see the video of Gwenny's first steps!

    What's up with your Out of Country Reporter? This is a Scoop and we need to see this - maybe time for an extra edition of the blog!

  8. Great news on Gwenny's first steps. We're looking forward to Easton's first steps....but also recall how crazy things can get for parents once these new kids find mobility.

    I could enjoy Thanksgiving turkey every month.