Monday, November 26, 2012

Toronto Wins!

Yes, the crowd down here in Winter Haven, Fla. was just a cheering on the Argo's last night as they were the big winners of the 100th Grey Cup!

Toronto did have a big advantage, as 53,000 fans were in the Dome last night, and most were cheering them on. It makes it almost impossible for the Visitor's when they are on the line of scrimmage, as you just cannot hear, and Calgary got caught on time viloations many times! However, Calgary left their "A" game, back in Calgary, and did not play very well overall, and did not really challenge the Argo's very much.

So tomorrow morning, the Argo's will get their Grey Cup Parade, right down Yonge Street in Toronto. There will be a bunch of people out... wish I was there... (not!)

Today the temps got up into the high 70's here in Florida... just a beautiful day.

This afternoon Judy and I decided to jump on the motorcycles and take a ride over to the Atlantic Ocean! How about Vero Beach! It is about a 95 mile drive, across Hwy. 60 for us. We should have started sooner in the day, but thankfully our headlights work, as we did not get back till about 7:30 tonight.


We made it down to the A1A Hwy, which runs along the Atlantic. What a day for a drive! Below Judy is off loading her bike, to go and check out the water...


It was a beautiful day, and we found a nice little park to check things out...

The bridge below, leads out to the Ocean. We made the crossing and headed north up the A1A.

Nice little boat sitting in harbour, on the inland side of things...

This is along the beach at Vero, there were some big breakers hitting the beach, but no one was surfing.


Overall, just a great day, and a great ride!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Glad you enjoyed the ride, based on the pictures, it looked great!

  2. nice day for a ride to the beach!!!

  3. What next the Leafs win the Stanley Cup?

  4. Yes, "Toronto wins" and in more ways than one I hear. Seems Mayor Ford just got the boot! Hah!
    We're three for three now in the "mayors getting into trouble" department. Montreal,(corruption) London (he's being "pressed to step down") and now Toronto.
    Fun stuff.

  5. Was an excellent day for a ride to the beach, glad you enjoyed.

  6. Nice ride to the coast and nice photos to prove it too.

    It is quite fitting that the Argonauts would win the 100th Grey Cup. Good on them. The Calgary team was totally shell shocked and could not play to its potential. To think it beat the BC Lions in the Western Final seems illogical at best!