Saturday, November 17, 2012

Time to get the wheels turning...

Finally the sun came back out today! It turned out to be perfect... 80 degrees F. Bring it on! After breakfast we decided to head back to Lake Wales and check out the bicycle path around the lake. We toured the Orange Juice Factory yesterday down there... so seemed fitting to return to the scene of the crime! Except this time I will spell the Town's name right... Lake Wales, not Whales! They have a beautiful waterfront area, second to none!

They cleared all the land around the lake and paved the trail... what a great spot!

We carried the bikes out to the trail on the back of the Jeep... it was only 7 or 8 miles or so. We arrived at around 10:30 this morning...

The trail runs for a length of 2 1/4 miles, and I confirmed this with my Maggellon GPS... right on! We ended up doing it twice, or 4 1/2 miles in total.

There was a bit of fishing going on... not sure what they were catching, if anything!


Of course the flock followed us below... there is safety in numbers!

Here I am below, setting up the GPS for the run... what a day it turned out to be.

One of the trail "walkers" took our picture for us...

We had a great ride, enjoying every minute of it! We came through Lake Wales, and I loved the architecture of this Church, which we believe is a Baptist Church. The pillars are great... check out the Spanish Moss hanging on the telephone wire, off of the crooked telephone pole!

You will have to read the legend of Spook Hill in Lake Wales... a claim to fame!

This afternoon, we decided to jump on the motorcycles, and get all the two wheel machines running! I wanted to take a ride up to Kissimmee, Florida. It was a perfect afternoon for the motorcycles...

Ended up, there was an Art Festival going on the Main Street... we decided to take it in!


There were all kinds of displays of art, and different things for sale.
We toured around the Festival for about 45 minutes, and then high tailed it back down to Winter Haven.

Tonight we ran into Tom and Cheryl on Skype tonight, who will be down here in about 5 weeks. We egged them on by telling them how hot it was here, and how cheap it is to live, and got them all flustered, and wanting to come tomorrow... See you soon guys!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Great picture of you two.
    We really enjoy going to local festivals. I just can't get over how talented and creative people are.

  2. Gotta love the great weather and cheap living here and the new interesting sites to see.

  3. Thanks for taking us on a great tour. Sure love that bright, blue sky!

  4. Nice tour of the area. I bet you are truly enjoying having the two motorcycles with you for those special places to visit.